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Are 1980s style clothes making a comeback?

Answer . Unfortunately yes, the 80's is coming back. This is probably their 3rd year of being the trend. It's very unfortunate, but whatever, somebody had to do it.
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Is Britney Spears going to make a comeback?

Britney is bakkkkk!!!. She will be doing her birthday bash on GMA (Good Morning America). She wil be performing some of her songs from her upcoming album 'CIRCUS'.. SO KEEP ( Full Answer )
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Is nirvana making a comeback?

are you taking the piss? wtf? the lead singers dead, the drummer formed foo fighters etc, how do u expect nirvana to 're-form'. u obviously don't know much about nirvana, or ( Full Answer )
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Can the galago make a comeback?

With so many of African's forests being cut by local farmers and logging companies, many of the non-human primates (including the galagos) are probably NOT going to be making ( Full Answer )
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Is Eminem going to make a comeback?

In 2009, Eminem released Relapse. This was followed shortly after by Relapse: Refill with additional tracks. The albums did not do well, selling what was a respectable amount ( Full Answer )
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Is Tevin Campbell making a comeback?

After a shelved album in 2008, Campbell appeared in Hairspray onBroadway and in international tours. His comeback was not completeduntil 2014, when he signed a new album contr ( Full Answer )
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Is b5 making a comeback 2008?

No,they have already made a come back through the following dates 2010-2011.Their new name as a group is AUDIO WERXZ.For more information go to
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What is the comeback?

its a phone Umm...I don't think that the question asker is talking about that. The categort is in American Football History, not phones. Anyways, the comeback is like 2 posit ( Full Answer )
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Is 50 cent going to make a comeback?

oh jeez guys, i do not believe he is going to come back, 50 cent has been consuming that weak mess, he is just not as G as he has been in the past
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Are sheer pantyhose making a comeback?

In a big way! For the last few years hosiery has appeared on fashion runways and now even sheer hosiery is supposed to be in style this year. Celebrities has taken to wearing ( Full Answer )
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Are pantyhose making a comeback?

Absolutely...! Looking at any one of the morning news shows will tell you this. Most of the anchorwomen are now wearing hose, mostly in sheer, black, or even slightly darker h ( Full Answer )
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How do you make up good comebacks?

first of all, you need to cuss and yell. (depending on where you are). 2nd make a joke. If you can't think of a comeback, pretend to laugh and say AHAAHH WOW WOW WOW SO FUNNY ( Full Answer )
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Will being friends with your ex make him comeback?

no, being friends with your ex. can make things better with the way you feel and how you were hurt when you guys separated. Alwayz blaming each other is not going to prove any ( Full Answer )
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Did Adam Ant make a comeback?

Yes! He's not as sexy as before, but he STILL has that sexy glint in his eyes!
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What sports were there in ancient greek sports?

Sporting events have been a major part of most cultures in the world, from the ancient Egyptians and Romans, right up to today's sporting events such as the World Series and S ( Full Answer )
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The black plague will make a comeback?

Bubonic Plague has never left- it still exists- there are a few cases in Colorado each year (fleas on prairie dogs). However, there are insecticides to kill fleas, and antibio ( Full Answer )
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Is the Sharper Image Corp making a comeback?

Yes, no maybe so....Actually there are private investment groups working with the company and licenses for products to sell in retail stores. It is slowly making a comeback bu ( Full Answer )
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Will EA Sports MVP Baseball comeback in 2012 or 2013?

It looks pretty likely. Back in 2008, EA tried to buy Take 2, the company that runs the 2K sports franchise. Since EA Sports already have the top selling sports games in footb ( Full Answer )
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Are hippies making a comeback anytime soon?

Most likely not. If by a comeback you mean that they are going to spread, then most likely no. But, there are still some people who have the beliefs of hippies.
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What day in 2011 is ss501 making there comeback?

SS501 did not officially make a group comeback, but members ofSS501 had separate promotions. On January 2011, Park Jung-Min released a single, "Not Alone." On March 8th, 2011 ( Full Answer )
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Is Kel Mitchell making a comeback?

He's done a few guest appearances on various Nickelodeon shows, butNo, he doesn't appear to making a real 'comeback' into the actingworld.
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Will MLB Power Pros make a comeback?

No no they wont. They are to S H I T T Y, I suggest you start rooting for a new team. That is all, Thank-you :)
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How to make comebacks?

you don't make comebacks you tell the first adult you see or if your in the halls tell the principal or homeroom teacher
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What materials did ancient Romans need to make a house?

The detached house of the rich (the domus) was made in stone and had a tiled roof. Most people in the city of Rome lived in the insulae (singular insula) which were six to s ( Full Answer )
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Is the virtual boy making a comeback?

What do you mean by that? If you mean if Nintendo is making anotherVirtual Boy, probably not, the closest thing to Nintendo makinganother one is the 3DS. However. Other compan ( Full Answer )