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Why does Al-Qaeda hate Israel?

Al-Qaeda claims that all Jews are part of Zionist Conspiracy to rule the world and kill all Muslims, which is both absurd and reeks of Anti-Semitism. As Israel is a political manifestation by Jews, they naturally loathe it. It adds… Full Answer

What was 'The Jewish Conspiracy'?

There have been a number of conspiracy theories about the Jewish peoples. Several of the most common are that Jews control the world economy, and that the Jewish started the Holocaust in order to justify the creation of Israel. Full Answer

Was 9 11 a conspirary?

Aside from the fact that you meant conspiracy, not conspirary (which I would normally have edited, but in this case that leads inevitably to redirection to another conspiracy question which you haven't actually asked), yes, the terrorist organization al qaeda… Full Answer

Is George will Jewish?

He claims to be agnostic on religion/god, but his wife is Jewish which might help explain why he is ardently pro-Israel, almost with a Zionist zeal. Then again, quite a lot of Zionist ilk Jews are not actively religious...being Jewish… Full Answer