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What is the song 99 luft balloons about?

"99 Luftballons" is a protest song, in which 99 balloons floating in the air, trigger an apocalyptic overreaction by military forces. The version in English (titled "99 Red Balloons") has a more satirical tone than the original. The English version… Full Answer

How do you get a skillcape on RuneScape?

To get a skill cape you must get 99 in the one of the following skillsAttack:99Strength:99Defence:99Magic:99Range:99Prayer:99Constitution:99Mining:99Smithing:99Herblore:99Agility:99Slayer:99Farming:99Hunter:99Construction:99Summoning:99Crafting:99Thieving:99Firemaking:99Fishing:99Cooking:99Runecrafting:99Dungeonearing:99 or true skill mastery:120.Hope this helped :) Full Answer