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What are the two types of DNA mutation?

I assume you are referring to insertion and deletion, but there are in fact many types of mutations. insertion: genetic material is added at some point withing a sequence: aaaaa-aaaaa --> aaaaa-bbbbb-aaaaa deletion: part of a DNA sequence is removed… Full Answer

How old is the springbok rugby emblem?

South Africa first used the Springbok emblem on the 1906/07 Tour to the British isles and France. The y were first referred to as "De Springbokken" (The Springboks). see photograph at this link: Full Answer

How do you make your self sleep?

to make your self sleep you need to take a glass of warm milk or hot cocoa laydown get comfortable and close eyes or watch tv relax and don't be stressed rrrrrrr eeeeeeee lllll aaaaa xxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you 10… Full Answer

What is Burnout Paradise rated?

I'm pretty sure it's E10+. If you want my opinion it's totally appropriate for almost all ages (just turn off some of the songs as there are some with "Mild Lyrics" or "Suggestive (wink) content"). The only violence is car… Full Answer

How many words you can make out of Canberra Australia?

Words made using the letters in Canberra Australia [A I L A R T S U A A RR E B N A C ] include:ableabuseabuseraceactactsanailaleanalareareaarenaartas atbailbalancebalebanbanalbanebarebarrenbastebeanbearbeastbeatbeatsbestbinbluebluerbluntbrabracebranbriarbitbitebruntburnburntbustbutcabcablecancanalcanecarbcarbscarecartcartercaretcentcitecitecranecratecrustcrustiercubeearearneastentrailslastleanlearnleastlentlicelienlinelistnabneb (slang, meaning to pry into other's private lives)nibnicerabiesracerailrainrarerantratrateriteritesrubrubiesRubricruinrunruntruberustrutsablescanscatscarabscaresectsearscantscentsiteslicestablestarstaresternstrainstubsuitsuitetabtabletablestantareteatealteartictintiretiertiletinetracetracestrailtrailstraintrialtraintrainstribetribestruetruertubeurnurnsususeuserunitunitsLetters: [A I L A R… Full Answer