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Is euthanasia legal in India?

Earlier it was not legal but on 7th march 2011, Supreme Court of India legalized Passive Euthanasia in India. -------------------------------------------Old Answer below-------------------------------- No it is not allowed. I.P.C 306. Abetment of suicide If any person commits suicide, whoever abets the… Full Answer

What is aiding or abetting in a murder?

"Aiding and abetting" is a legal term that means, basically, "you personally didn't commit the crime, but were instrumental or knowingly assisted in its commission." For example, if you hire a hitman to kill your wife, you would be guilty… Full Answer

Can you gamble in Nevada?

Gambling in Nevada was once banned, but now the conditions there are changing slowly. Gambling is allowed in Nevada but now some strict rules are applied on the casinos and casino players and they have to follow those rules. The… Full Answer

What is complicity to theft?

Accused of stealing because you was with the person who committed the crime. Another View: The above answer factually desribes someone who is an active ACCOMPLICE in the commission of a criminal act. 'Complicity' actually covers a wider definition. Complicity… Full Answer

How to become a engineer?

Requirements to become an engineer vary in each country. In the United States, ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology)is a non profit organization that accredits United States postsecondary degree programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology to qualify universities… Full Answer