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How are tires measured?

The 205 means the tire is 205 millimeter across from the widest point of it's outer sidewall to the widest point of it's inner sidewall. The 60 indicates that the tire's sizes sidewall height, from rim to tread, is 60%… Full Answer

What meens P155 80r13?

P155/80-R13P means it is a passenger tire. 155 is the aspect ratio measured sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. 80 is the height of the tire listed in the percentage of it's width. R means it is a radial tire. 13… Full Answer

What does 225 60R16 mean?

Tire sizes are expressed in the format WWW/AAXDD. WWW is the tire's section width, measured in millimeters. AA is the aspect ratio or profile of the tire, which expresses the tire's height as a percentage of its width. X is… Full Answer

What is 7 00x23c?

It's a wheel/tire dimension. 700 being roughly the outside diameter of the wheel with the tire mounted, and 23 being the approximate width/height of the tire when inflated, both measurements in millimeter. A tire with that marking will fit a… Full Answer