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How many wives were sumerian men allowed to have?

Sumerian idealogy revolved around the premise of emulating and admiring the deities that they served... Usually the amount of wives was determined by techniques comprised of hydromancy, terramancy, and pyromancy... It was declared that An (high father sky deity) possessed… Full Answer

What is annunaki?

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunnaku, Ananaki) are a group of Sumerian and Akkadian deities related to, and in some cases overlapping with, the Annuna (the 'Fifty Great Gods') and the Igigi (minor gods). The name is variously written "da-nuna"… Full Answer

Sonic adventure 2 battle action replay codes?

chao colors codes Metalic black chao color TY9D-AQEQ-MH56Z UUH7-P89F-K2602 QACQ-WW6V-REXFE Black chao with flame texture? FGNZ-Z9NH-GNWYA UUH7-P89F-K2602 6Q8A-BGKU-DCG3U METALIC DARK PURPLE (FOR DEVIL CHAO LOVERS) 0U42-A147-0448T UUH7-P89F-K2602 NXT6-GR3Z-8FR3T Rainbow chao T49Z-9ENP-3JQ5Y UUH7-P89F-K2602 B7TK-8NQN-V4VJC Gold metallic chao (the real one! Not… Full Answer