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Who was Nimrod in The Bible?

The story of Nimrod is the story of the Tower of Babel. Whereas the story of Noah ends with disharmony and the separation of mankind into deparate kingdoms, this story begins with the people as a harmonious whole, speaking the… Full Answer

Where were the first known cities built?

The first known cities were built in Mesopotamia in modern-day Iraq, northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and southwestern Iran. Mesopotamia is considered to be the Birth place of Civilization. the Cities and empires that rose up in Mesopotamia include Sumeria, Akkadian… Full Answer

Where was the babylonian empire situated?

After the fall of the Assyrian empire,the Babylonian empire was the strongest one at that time. It spread till entirely spread till the black sea ,little part of turkey, Caspian sea,little part of Iran, Little part of Saudi Arabia,littleThe Babylonian… Full Answer

Can Jews be members of any race?

Jews view themselves as people, defined by a shared faith, culture, heritage, and (for the most part) a common lineage. The first Jews were middle eastern people, and as such were darker complected than the later European Jewry that most… Full Answer