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Who is Homer Hickam?

Answer he is the main charcter in October sky Homer Hickam was a kid who was very interested in sputnik when it was first launched into space. When Homer Hickam watched sputnik(A Russian satellite) launched he got inspired. A couple… Full Answer

How did mona Simpson die?

She only just died as homer thought she was a burglar and used the defender but it was his mum who just ame back and when she died she used homer in her will to pull a hippy stunt.

Who narrates the story 'The Odyssey' by Homer?

Homer. Theory states: It was originally an epic Poem, altough never written down. Always spoken by Homer. (Originally in Greece) Robert Fitsgerald's translation of the Odyssey, is still by Homer(Narrated) it's just the translater.

Is family guy a copy of The Simpsons?

Absolutely not, You will find that Peter & Homer are both stupid, but they are very different. Family Guy Contains more of the adult humour, The Simpsons is watched by young children. Family Guy is on AFTER 9.00pm (In the… Full Answer

Define motion study?

A motion study is when a person is watched while they complete a certain task. They will have different people complete the task in different ways to see which way is more effective.