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How do you become special forces?

You Have to join a military branch first. upon completion of boot camp you can attend a special forces qualification test. IF you pass the test you will begin Special forces t ( Full Answer )
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What does it take to be a special forces soldier?

It takes commitment, determination and the willingness to succeed. It not only takes commitment to train and prepare the body physically for the arduous conditions of the job ( Full Answer )
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Why do men join special forces?

well first of all for the money, and college scholarship, second they feel like they owe their country and third sometimes theyre just idiots that think theyre invincible. ( Full Answer )
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Does the air force have special forces?

Yes the USAF has AFSC's pr "Job" that fall under SOCOM or Special Operations Command. Some of our Special Forces include the Pararescue men, the Combat Air Traffic Controller, ( Full Answer )
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How do you glitch in Philippine special force?

You need a fraps or xfire i recommend you fraps because fraps is easy to use go to this website and download it and if you download it open and minimize it and login in specia ( Full Answer )
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How do you become a Special Forces Officer?

In order to become a Special Forces officer you must be a 1st Lieutenant promotable or a Captain already. Once you have attained either rank, you must volunteer for Special Fo ( Full Answer )
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What is the best special forces?

The best Special forces group would be the Coalition SF. This is a combination of all the military's from the Western World fighting in Afghanistan today. Some leeks show that ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into special forces?

You have to join the military first, then if you show a high aptitude and an interest in joining the special forces you may get given the oppurtunity to try for selection. How ( Full Answer )
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Do special activities division work in a group and are they the best and complete special force in the world?

They work both in groups and solo operations. They could be the best special forces organization in the world as they are selected from the best of the best special forces fro ( Full Answer )
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Do the Australian special forces allow people with Asperger's Syndrome to join?

Yes, its still possible, but it will all depend on how you conduct your interview. If you dont make eye contact, dont keep conversations together, or dont talk smoothly or cle ( Full Answer )
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Top special forces of the world?

Genraly most Military experts and books say the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the best special forces in the world. It makes sence realy as the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the most ( Full Answer )
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How do you hack weapons in special force?

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What was Hitlers special police force?

The SS were his special police force but needed certain qualities to become one one was 6 ft tall and purebred German.
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What is special force?

Special Force is a video game, published by the group Hezbollah using the Genesis 3D engine. The game is set in a 3D environment, in which the player takes the role of a Hez ( Full Answer )
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How many people in special forces?

As of January 2013, there are approximately 63,000 personnel with SOCOM, however, not all of these are operators. Some are support or command personnel. This number includes a ( Full Answer )
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Was Booth a Special forces sniper?

Seeley Booth was an Army Rangers sniper in the Gulf War, In the Somalian Conflict of 1993, and In Kosovo. He is the best sniper in the world in the TV series.
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Can a girl be in the Special force?

They could be assigned to Special Forces, but only as support personnel, and not as an actual operator. Non SF-qualified personnel in Special Forces Groups can be identified b ( Full Answer )
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What is the special l force for the air force?

The Air Force has Special Operations , "Special Forces" is the term for Army Green Berets. The Air Force special ops consist of: Pararescue Combat Controllers Special ( Full Answer )
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How many special forces does the army have?

The United States Army has 4Special Operations units. Army Rangers Army Special Forces Green Berets 160th SOAR(A) 1st SFOD-D Delta Force
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What is the name of the israel special forces?

There are 2 types of "Special Forces" units in the Israeli DefenceForces; 1. "Palsar" - reconnaissance and raiding companies integral toBrigades of the Army: eg Para, Golani, ( Full Answer )
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What the drawbacks to special forces?

The drawbacks of being a Special Forces operator is: gone alot, high possibility of being wounded/injured/killed, sometimes cant tell your familiy where you are.
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Does Mexico have a special forces?

Yes. Both the Mexican Army and Navy have special forces groups. In fact, they train with their American counterparts: the US Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs.
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Can a man applying to special forces National Guard have an ex felon girlfriend?

If the applicant himself does not have a felony conviction, then yes. However, the fact that he is associated with an ex-felon might raise some flags during the interview proc ( Full Answer )
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How do you join the US Army Special Forces?

First, you enlist in the Army. You pass Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training (or One Station Unit Training, depending on what occupation you enlist for). The ( Full Answer )
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What is the Special Forces 357 club?

The Special Forces 357 Club was founded in 1945 and was created to be a place for those that served in the SOE to come together. This club welcomes all ranks and even women.
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What is the goal of Air Force Special Forces?

The Air Force Special Operations or Special Tactics is an umbrella term used to refer to specialist roles within the Air Force. Their goal, or mission, is the same as that of ( Full Answer )
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What is the motto of Special Mobile Force?

The motto of Special Mobile Force is '* The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.'.