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Can you use the vivitar zoom thyristor 2500 with canon 10d?

Answer . Generally, as long as the camera has a standard "hot-shoe," everything should work. The 2500 appears to be for an older camera though (because it only has one con ( Full Answer )
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How do you load batteries into a Canon sure shot 70 mm zoom camera?

Turn the camera over. At the right is a small cover with an indent just beside where the strap is fastened. If you look into the indent you will see BATT in the plastic. Pry t ( Full Answer )
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What is a zoom?

A zoom is a humming noise of something moving really fast, a quick ascent, or a large increase.
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How do you zoom out?

right click on home page and then click on zoom out or right click on view then zoom,and then zoom out ctrl+shift+- zoom out ctr+shift+ + zoom in
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What is the best canon zoom camera lens?

The Canon EF 70-300mm DO IS USM Lens is (arguably) the best Canon EF lens available. It has a focal length of 70-300mm which is excellent for sports and wildlife photography. ( Full Answer )
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How do you zoom in?

well really, it depends on what your trying to zoom in on i guess, because u cant just have the question "how do u zoom in", really it all depends on what u want to zoom in ;) ( Full Answer )
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How do you zoom in on saved pictures with the samsung intensity 2?

When you are trying to zoom in or out on saved picture use the two arrows you use for volume to change the size. The top arrow (left if the texting keyboard is out) zooms in o ( Full Answer )
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Why do imovie pictures zoom in and out?

iMovie adds the zooming effect (called the Ken Burns effect) to slideshows you can either turn it off when you set up a new project or in an existing project right click on a ( Full Answer )
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Is their a way you can zoom in pictures from a site?

Hold ctrl and scroll your mouse button up. However the whole website gets bigger, and the picture you might want to see could get out of screen. And the quality might worsen. ( Full Answer )
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If you zoomed out of the universe what would it look like?

If one defines the universe as all the mater and energy that there is, then there would be no way to get "past" it, but even in the hypothetical situation that you were someho ( Full Answer )
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What can you take for pain from zoom whitning?

Sleeping pill to hopefully sleep it off! Dentist gave ibuprofen 800mg It's not working and I think this pain is worst then a dentist drilling into your nerve without a num ( Full Answer )
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Why is the picture on Google earth fuzzy when you zoom out?

As you zoom in and out you go through different photographs. As you get closer and farther the photo may not have enough detail to be clear OR You are zooming to quickly an ( Full Answer )
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How do you zoom pictures in Facebook?

Good news facebook fanatics, we developed a software that instantly zoom facebook pictures - Facebook zoom i ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find reviews regarding the Canon s3 is?

The Canon S3 is part of its PowerShot line. Canon is recognized as a reputable and quality camera maker. The Canon PowerShot S3 can be purchased online through Amazon.
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How many Canon Zoom Lenses are discontinued currently?

There are currently several (10+) Canon Zoom lenses that are currently discontinued. Among these ten are the EF 50mm f/1.8 Prime _Ê_ The original model, often called the ( Full Answer )
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What is a zooming?

A zooming is a sound or a motion which zooms in on something orsomeone else.