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Can you quit the Air National Guard?

yes, you have up to 180 days to quit before you go to basic training. If you decide that your to chicken to go then quit. the recruiters dont tell you that you have 180 days b ( Full Answer )
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Who is eligable for air National Guard signing bonus?

I am in the air guard and anyone is eligible for the bonus. It might vary by state as to how much you get but here it is $20,000 for a normal enlistment and more if you qualif ( Full Answer )
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What is the air National Guard?

A reserve force of the Air Force but under state authority unless called into federal service.
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What is the order of rank of the Air National Guard?

For the United States: Each state has a National Guard, all have an ARMY NATIONAL GUARD, and most have an AIR NATIONAL GUARD. Few if any still have a State Navy, Marine, or Co ( Full Answer )
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What is age limit for National Guard?

A good rule of thumb is that you have to be able to complete 20 years of service before your 60th birthday. For example, if you have never served before, the age limit is 40 y ( Full Answer )
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What president was a air National Guard member?

George W. Bush was a lieutenant in the Texas Air National Guard from May 1968 until November 1974. President John Kennedy was a naval lieutenant in WW2 serving as a PT boat ( Full Answer )
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What are the ranks in the air National Guard?

From lowest to highest in the enlisted ranks: Airman Basic, Airman, Senior Airman, Staff Sgt, Tech Sgt, Master Sgt, Senior Master Sgt, Chief Master Sgt. On the officer side o ( Full Answer )
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What is the Air National Guard rank structure time frame?

It's technically the same as Active Duty air force with a few exceptions... first there has to be rank in your current office or workcenter available.. some one may have to re ( Full Answer )
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What are ruta days in the air National Guard?

Not sure about the "R", but the "UTA" portion stands for Unit Training Assembly, which would be your drill weekends. UTA-4 being a standard two day drill, and UTA-5 being a 2- ( Full Answer )
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Can you choose which state to go to for air National Guard?

To join a National Guard unit in a state other than yours, there generally has to be a reason. If you have an occupation which isn't available in your state (or for which no s ( Full Answer )
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Where is Channel Island air National Guard Base California?

As a member of the unit it's called Channel Island Air National Guard Station. It is located southwest of Camarillo, CA and shares the runways with Pt Mugu Naval base. It's th ( Full Answer )
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Is there full time national guard?

There are AGR (Active Guard and Reserve) personnel assigned to National Guard units. Some personnel are also on active duty status on Title 10 orders. As for National Guard un ( Full Answer )
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Can someone on seroquel medication enlist in the air National Guard?

Unfortunatly at this time no one taking Anti-psychotics can join the military. In fact alot of medical issues can stop you from joining the military. Reasons behind this are, ( Full Answer )
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Can you be age 46 and be in National Guard?

Do you mean join the guard at 46 or remain in the guard at that age? Joining at that age is not possible unless you had prior military service. If you are already in, you can ( Full Answer )
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Can a felon join the air National Guard?

That depends on a number of factors, the first of which being whether your conviction was a felony under federal law, or only under state law. If the crime was only a felony u ( Full Answer )