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Is Samoa the same as American Samoa?

No. Samoa is an independent nation while American Samoa is an American overseas territory. Germans and American feuded over Samoa. The territory was eventually split into two: Western (or German) Samoa and Eastern (or American) Samoa. Western Samoa eventually became… Full Answer

What is the native bird of Samoa?

there are 2 kinds Samoa.Western Samoa and American Samoa,Western Samoan has no native bird only American Samoa does.American Samoa's native bird is a Eagle ( There is an Eagle on the American Samoa flag ) Full Answer

Why is there western and American Samoa?

It used to be one whole country. Samoa. Until world war I when the US occupied American Samoa for its naval base in Pago Pago, and Western Samoa was occupied by Germany, and then NZ. Now, Samoa (no longer called… Full Answer