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How many eggs are released during ovulation?

It is different for every person and every cycle, sometimes one,sometimes several, this is how fraternal twins are produced, morethan one egg gets fertilized and implants and ( Full Answer )
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Can a woman release eggs after she is pregnant?

Answer . no it is absolutly impossible in order to to do that you need to ovulate and you cannot do that while pregnant, yu can still bleed during pregnancy but it is not ( Full Answer )
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How many eggs are there in a cockroach egg?

The amount of offspring in a cockroach egg depends greatly upon the species. . A female German cockroach carries an egg capsule containing around 40 eggs. She drops the caps ( Full Answer )
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How many eggs does an average dinosaur lay in its lifetime?

Lets just say they layed alot. more that a bird. way way more thatn a bird.......... . they layed so much that a new kind of dinosaur had to be inveted so he can eat half o ( Full Answer )
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How many eggs come out of the ovary during ovulation usually?

normally one egg is released from one ovary during ovulation. That egg releases hormones that signal the other eggs to stay put. Sometimes two eggs release at the same time (u ( Full Answer )
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How many eggs do parakeets have at once?

Usually 1-6 eggs at a time. Fun Fact: A group of eggs that a parakeet lays is called a clutch.
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How many eggs can a snail have at once?

The amount of eggs a snail can lay depends on the species. Some lay only dozens, while others can lay 10,000!
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Can pregnant women still release eggs?

Ovulation depends on a delicate balance of hormones. In order for ovarian follicles to begin developing into mature ova, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) must be released fr ( Full Answer )
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How do they get out of the eggs?

The best way to hatch Pokemon eggs is to cycle from solaceon town to twinleaf town and back .Or cycle up and down seabreak path
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What is in egg?

there is a Pokemon in it which you have to walk around alot with for it to hatch
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How does an egg get out?

The egg comes out of the chicken through the same opening where the sperm went in. It's just like any animal giving birth but the baby chicken is inside an egg instead of out ( Full Answer )
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What do eggs have in them?

Inside the shell that you see on the outside of an egg are two shell membranes. Within the shell is the egg white or albumen. The albumen is made up of a thin and thick fluid ( Full Answer )
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What is the most eggs a women can release at once?

A woman does not normally release more than 1-2 eggs at once. The reason for twins is often that these 1-2 eggs might divide into more after they are fertilized. 2 eggs can b ( Full Answer )
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When you ovulate do you always release an egg?

IF you ovulate, you release an egg. This is what ovulation is. The ovaries will release a mature egg into the fallopian tube. It is more of a question of whether or not you ov ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have eggs in you?

Because I had them for breakfast. I eat eggs daily. I like them scrambled rare, sort of rare ;)
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How many eggs with the egg cell?

In humsn egg cell (ovum), there is only one haploid nucleus (called pronucleus to distinguish from nucleus of zygote). However, in plant egg cells, there are eight: 1 egg cell ( Full Answer )
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How many eggs a woman releases a year?

normally a woman releases one ovum in a month which on average last for 28 days counting at that rate just under 13. however mare then one can be released on the odd occasion. ( Full Answer )
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What is an egg?

The official definition for the word egg is "an oval or roundobject laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate,usually containing a developing embryo. The eggs of b ( Full Answer )
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How many eggs lay eggs?

Eggs can not lay eggs. The animal baby has to hatch out of the egg and grow into an adult. Then she can lay eggs.