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Are bodyguards available to accompany the victim after talk shows where the topic is abuse so that she can ensure that the abuser won't give her hell for what was said on the show?

Talk shows aren't the best place to discuss your abuser. Some talk shows will provide you with a bodyguard while at the show and perhaps escorted back to where you are staying, but after that, it's no longer their responsibility… Full Answer

Why do so many Abuse websites and talk shows that deal with abuse suggest that the victim get counseling when it is plain that this will just be another thing for the abuser to use against her?

If the victim hasn't left on her own, it's obvious that just telling her to leave won't make much sense. Most responsible advice tells the abuser and victim to go to counseling so that the problem can be accurately diagnosed… Full Answer

Do women who appear depressed and worthless on talk shows where the topic is abuse subconciously train themselves to act that way because it can save them from the abuser attacking them on camera?

It truly makes me amazed always, when I see people spilling their guts on a cheap talk show. Think of this ... What abused woman would go on a talk show in front of millions of people and talk about… Full Answer

Why is it not OK to expose the very people that use abuse and control their victim until the victim sees what is happening and realizes shes been scammed by narcissistic ego maniac on the prowl again?

It is OK to expose the person that uses abuse to control their victim, but it is the victim that has to report their abuser. Like any abuser whether narcissistic or has a large ego others do see these flaws… Full Answer

Is it common for a family member of an abuse victim who is being abused by the same person to regard abuse books and websites that the victim reads as poisoning the victim's mind?

Yes it is common because you are giving the key to the locked door of freedom to the victim (if she so wishes to take it) and that doesn't sit well with the abuser. Abusers are about control, conniving, terrifying… Full Answer

What is emotional abuse?

Continuous insults, demands and harassment towards a partner with the intent to erode that person's self esteem. It may take place only in private, or it may be done publicly to increase the victim's humiliation. The victim is told, either… Full Answer

Why is emotional abuse bad?

Emotional abuse can often times be worse for the victim because it shows no physical scars, but certainly mental scars. If a victim is constantly verbally abused it comes under the heading of 'emotion abuse.' The abuser picks away at… Full Answer

Is it common for an abuse victim to reach a point where they start doing the very things that they know will infuriate their abuser because the literature on abuse stresses holding him accountable?

It doesn't make much sense for one's own mental health to start mirroring the abuse. At the least, it will escalate the situation rather than reducing the abuse in the family. Also, it does more harm to do something, like… Full Answer