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If you filed chapter 13 bankruptcy and placed a cellular phone on the bill how soon after the 341 hearing will you be able to get services with this company or are you able to do this?

Answer . \nAny further transactions with creditors while in a chapter 13 is at the discretion of the lender/creditor. More than likely the person will be required to pay of ( Full Answer )
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Can they make a hearing device or a new kind of ear or something that allows you to switch from being able to hear above or below whatever frequencies you can hear already?

I don't know the principle of operation, but years ago in "Popular Electronics" magazine, there was a construction article for a device that would allow you to hear super-soni ( Full Answer )
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Will a child of a deaf mother be able to hear?

That is actually quite a complicated question to answer. I am assuming that your partner has the ability to hear? It just depends on the genes that are dominant when the sperm ( Full Answer )
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How do deaf people hear music?

Deaf people sense vibration in the part of the brain that other people use for hearing - which helps explain how deaf musicians can sense music, and how deaf people can enjoy ( Full Answer )
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You do people hear music in their dreams?

Yes. Sometimes if someone has music playing while they sleep, whatever is playing at the time can be incorporated in the dream as well.
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Is a mouse able to hear?

Well, mice are individuals as us, and some may well be deaf or hard of hearing. But generally they hear just fine.
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What is the function of an FM transmitter and receiver?

An FM transmitter transmits signals using the method of frequency modulation. An FM receiver receives signals that are frequency modulated. An FM transmitter/receiver (transce ( Full Answer )
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Why do people hear music?

cuz that funky beat... is so sweet... music... makes you want to move it... tap your foot.. shake to the beat... it's insanely sweet... anyway, they listen beca ( Full Answer )
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What will you be able to hear in a mosque?

Adhaan-the call to prayer, which is for 5 times a day, . The sermon of Friday praying, which is every Friday, and . The sermons of the two annual Islamic feast prayings (eid ( Full Answer )
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How do you hear people over the phone?

The microphone (mouthpiece) of a telephone turns the sound vibrations of your voice into electrical or electronic signals, which are transmitted through the various phone line ( Full Answer )
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Astronauts on the Moon would not be able to hear a landslide because?

Sound waves only propagate through a medium, such as air or water. There is no air on the moon so they would not have been able to hear anything happening outside their spaces ( Full Answer )
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Why do the hearing impaired not able to speak fully?

Because they cannot hear the correct way to say words, nor can they hear themselves talk in the same way that others do, so it is hard to improve their enunciation.
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How are you able to hear astronauts talk in space?

Radio, primarily. There is no air in space to conduct sounds, but you could use any solid object as a medium for conduction. For example, two astronauts could touch their helm ( Full Answer )
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How can you hear a ringing phone through a door?

a phone ring can be heard across a shut door because there is always some space through the door from where the sound travels and reaches to our ears.
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What do you need to be able to hear whales?

Research has shown (Sciencemag Issue #86) it is now possible for the human ear to percieve the call of the whale as a drug enduced experience.
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What problems would a doctor not be able to hear by using a stethoscope?

Almost all of them - a stethoscope detects only sound. As all the many functions that go on inside your body as silent unless there is turbulence involved (and turbulence is ( Full Answer )
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How do the hearing impaired use the phone?

There are now amplified phones and amplified cell phones so communicating clearly is very much possible for them through the use of this technology.
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How do you make the sounds in wolfquest not be able to hear?

There are two ways that I'm aware of. 1) While playing the game, hit the 'Esc' key and navigate to Options or Settings. From here, turn 'Music' all the way down. You can't mu ( Full Answer )
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How people hear and understand the frequency of sound?

(Not sure if this means 'How do people hear and how do they understand the frequency of sound' or 'How do people hear the frequency of sound and understand it' so I'm answerin ( Full Answer )
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Do animals hear the same frequencies as humans do?

Different animals hear differently( for e.g, dogs here better than humans and other animals have good eye sight but hear more poorly than humans) -hope it helped :D
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Was Walt Disney able to hear?

Walt had no hearing problem that I could find any mention of. His IMDB bio does mention he had dyslexia.
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Why wouldn't you be able to hear sound in space?

Sound is actually vibrations in the air, and since ther is no airin space, there is no sound (in the vacuum of space). If you aretalking about in a spaceship, however, there i ( Full Answer )