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Who broke the enigma code?

The Polish Marian Rejewski, Jerzy and Henryk~!! A good book, by Robert Harris, Enigma, is next on my to read list. The Polish broke the pre-war machines, in 1932. Then after the war broke out, the Polish sent the information…

What are war bonds for World War 2?

Military Bonds You Could Purchase them to help Fund The war effort then later you could collect your money you payed for you country. The Bonds funded Weapons,Ammo, Vehicles, ETC. The Bonds played the same roles as Company Bonds.

How do I use pre- and post-war?

Pre-war means before the war, and post-war means afterwards. Usually these refer to the Second World War, so pre-war is before 1939 and post-war is after 1945.

What was war bonds?

War Bonds were special means/tactics used to pay the respective war debts of countries. For example, during the WWII, the U.S. Government sold war bonds (kind of postcards or stamps) to many Americans with the purpose of paying the war…

How does a prebond work?

I would need to know what kind of pre-bond you are talking about.Ê There are pre-bond bonds available thru finacial institutions and pre-bond hair extensions. I am sure there are others as well.