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Can someone be born a transsexual?

Yes. Most with transsexualism are born that way, they usually knew they had it before age 6, and they get the surgery to stop having transsexualism. The condition of transsexualism is not the same as the lifestyle of transgenderism. Transgender… Full Answer

Can you become transgender?

No. No more than you can become Spanish or grow a third eye. Being transgender is not a choice, it's not a disease, it's not an illness. It's just describes a difference between your self-perception and that of society-at-large. Full Answer

Who is a transgender?

By definition, a transgender is one, such as an author who will be pretend to be the opposite sex (in the case of an author, to keep their identity a secret). By today's society though, a transgender would be considered… Full Answer

Is transgender real?

Yes, transgender is real. There are both transgender women and transgender men. People who feel that their gender assignment of birth is at odds with who they are do exist. Full Answer

Can you be born being a transgender?

Of course. In fact, that's how you become transgender really. One who is transgender usually always has been since birth, but sometimes they just hide that for a long time, making it a surprise if they decide to come out… Full Answer

What is LGBT mean?

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) stands for Lesbian - A girl that is attracted to other girls, Gay (A.K.A Homosexual) - A guy that is attracted to other guys, Bisexual - A gender (girl or guy) that is attracted to… Full Answer