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Is folk music and indie music the same?

No, folk is a style (actually a wide range of styles) of music whereas indie refers to the fact that the music is on an independent label -- but many indie labels do feature folk music or folk-rock or folk-pop

What is Paul Kelly famous for?

Paul Kelly is an Australian musician, famous for playing folk and rock music. He has appeared in a number of bands and as a solo artist. He has released 19 studio albums.

Where is the band Windir from?

The band Windir is from Sogndal, Norway. They combined black metal with folk music in 1994 when they formed their group and released their first album in 1997.

Who is Sheyrl Crow?

Sheryl Crow is an American pop artist. Her music is a combination to rock, folk, and country. Her top hits include "All I wanna do", "My Favorite Mistake" and "If It Makes You Happy". She has nine Grammy Awards.