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Does anyone know about Aruba?

Yes, Aruba is well known throughout the world. Specifically, Aruba is a popular tourist destination. Aruba is known as the happy island. Many tourists are known to return repeatedly to Aruba. Full Answer

Which Aruba hotels offer luxury accommodations?

The luxury hotels of Aruba offer many different experiences, including an all inclusive stay, gambling, and a private resort. The hotels include Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino, Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino, The Westin Resort and Casino Aruba, Riu… Full Answer

Is Aruba affected by Japan?

No, Aruba is not politically affected by Japan. Specifically, Japan is in the Eastern Hemisphere. Aruba is in the Western Hemisphere. Japan is an independent country in Asia. Aruba is a Caribbean dependency of the Netherlands. The political ties are… Full Answer

How to find good Hotels in Aruba?

The website Expedia will help one choose between 39 hotels in Aruba. This site compares savings, and will guide one quickly and conveniently to help one find Aruba vacations, flights to and from Aruba, and then also hotels in Aruba. Full Answer

Where is a brochure of Aruba?

The Aruba Tourism Authority has two sites for brochures. One, click onto the Brochure Request Form by visiting the link provided below. Two, brochures on Aruba Bonbini Adventure, Aruba Family Experience, Aruba Interactive Map, Aruba Wedding, and Water Sport Adventures… Full Answer

Does Aruba have states?

No, Aruba doesn't have any states. Aruba doesn't have any kind of administrative divisions for political purposes. Aruba is a sovereign, independent, autonomous member State of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Full Answer

Who rules Aruba?

Aruba is a territory belonging to the Netherlands. Their monarch is Queen Beatrix of Holland The governor of Aruba is Fredis Refunjol The Prime Minister of Aruba is Nelson Oduber Full Answer