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How Can You Make a Happy Song a Sad Song?

Major chords give people a happy feeling while minor chords give people a sad feeling. So add minor chords. If you want to make your song have a mad feeling, try adding diminished chords.

How any chords does a song have?

Every song is different. There are songs with as few as 2 chords (Miles Davis's So what is Em and Dm but there is a lot of model melody in there) and there are songs with 100s of chords.

What are the bandurria chords of Narda?

The bandurria chords of the song Narda are D, Bm, G and A. These chords are used both for the verses of the song and the chorus. The bandurria is a musical instrument that is similar to the mandolin.

What is a birdplane?

a birdplane is a birdplane you idiot. if you want to hear a song about birdblanes search axis of awesome birdplane on youtube P.s. THE HUNGER GAMES IS F***N AWESOME P.p.s. JOSH HUTCHERSON IS HOT AND HE PLAYS PEETA MELLARK… Full Answer