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What would cause the Brake lights on a 2000 s10 to not work at all Turn signals work Tail lights work Reverse lights work but none of the 3 brake lights work.?

You probably need to replace your brake light switch. It's near the top of the brake assembly, beyond a trim panel. The fact that all three brake lights don't work rules out problems in the multifunction switch (the cause of… Full Answer

Where are all the brake light grounds on 1990 sundance when the headlights are off then brake lights are fine but when u turn headlights on then the brake lights don't work except the cyclops lights.?

You probably have a loose wire connection in the brake light sockets. Insert a nail or probe tip into the back of the light socket where the wires are inserted and test the brake lights. (The socket can appear perfectly… Full Answer

How do you repair brake light short headlights on no brake lights just the cyclops lights off brake lights and cyclops all bulbs new and correct no obvious wire damage or switch wear?

Your question was a little unclear, does the brakelight work when the headlights are off but not when they're on? If that's the case, it's a ground problem. Check the ground to the tail light/brake light assembly. If the brake… Full Answer

2002 volkswagen beetle left tail and brake lights work fine on the right the tail light works but goes out when brake pedal is pushed and brake light does not come on only happens with headlights on?

This sounds like an issue that VW has recognized and is fixing for free. I would recommend calling your local dealer and consulting them on whether this is a problem that they have sent out a recall about.