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What is a C?

Answer . The C programming language is a computer programming language developed in the early 1970s by Dennis Ritchie for use on the Unix operating system.It is one of the ( Full Answer )
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What is c?

What does c mean If you mean in Einstein's famous equation E=MC 2 , C is the Constant (i.e. the speed of light) because the other variable, Mass changes as velocity approache ( Full Answer )
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In c language C stands for what?

Answer . My poing of view,. By seeing the History of C language, We have the history has follows. 1. Basic language like ALGOL and COBOL---------------------1960's 2. B ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get c?

Answer . what your really looking for is a C compiler. Just google C compiler i am sure their are plenty of them out there that are free. You would be doing the coding in a ( Full Answer )
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What is c out?

most basicaly if I tell, cout is the printing statement in c++. cout
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How is JAVA related to C and C?

Java is related to C and C++ in the structure of programs composedwith each language. All of them are object-oriented-programminglanguages (oop languages). Java is meant prim ( Full Answer )
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What is c and c?

I think you mean CNC which is computer numerical control. Basically a computer controls manufacturing equipment.
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Is C a superset of C?

No, C is its own language. However, C++ is another language that is based on C, but isn't really a "superset" of it. C++ introduces object-oriented-programming, which facilita ( Full Answer )
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Who is will c?

Born William Bradley Carstarphen Lampley known by under his stagename Will C is a 11 year old rapper signed to DyNasty ENT./Doubleprint Records.In March 17,2008 Wills father W ( Full Answer )
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What is 'this' in c?

There is no 'this' in C. C is not an object-oriented language. C++, however, is object-oriented. The 'this' pointer is used by non-static member functions to determine which ( Full Answer )
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What does 4 equals c in a c c?

(4 gallon) x (16 cups per gallon) = 64 cups [ This is the right answer] .
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How can you get a c?

You can get a c by being ON task sometimes and having a lot of bad behavior.
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How can you get a c- to an a?

you can get a c to an a by extra credit and by getting a tutor and getting help and also trying your best
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What does the -C mean in LCPC-C?

I'm fairly certain the "C" means Conditional. "In Maine, you must first obtain a conditional license to begin earning the 3,000 hours of clinical counseling experience" requir ( Full Answer )
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What does c?

C sharp) An object-oriented programming language that is based \non C++ with elements from Visual Basic and Java. Like Java, C# provides\nautomatic garbage collection, wher ( Full Answer )
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What is a c and c cage?

A C&C cage is really called a cubes and coroplast cage. The cubes part is the wired organizational racks that you can make shelves out of. Coroplast is thebrand name of a corr ( Full Answer )
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What are c in and c out in c plus plus?

std::cin is the standard library console input stream whilestd::cout is the standard library console output stream. You usethem to extract character data from the device assoc ( Full Answer )
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How old is C. C. Catch?

European singer C. C. Catch (Caroline Müller) is 52 years old (born July 31, 1964).
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What does the C in C pipistrella mean?

Maybe it means Cimex pipistrella , which is a type of batbug (belongs to the same family as bed bugs).
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How do you build a c and c cage?

Go to "Google Search" and type in "How to build a C&C Cage" and many sites would be glad to help you. If you would like another reference, you can try going to " YouTube " and ( Full Answer )
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What is if in C?

If is a keyword that introduces a conditional expression. If the expression evaluates true, the statement or statement block that follows is executed, otherwise control is pas ( Full Answer )
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What is I C U C I C U?

An expanded version of "f_ck you" The first IC becomes F (C is at the top of I) and the second ICbecomes K (C is aligned with I)
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What is the -C in FNP-C?

FNP, for those that don't know is Family Nurse Practitioner . The -C means Certified. So they are a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.
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What is the GPA with a b c c c c?

First add the GPA points together A- 4 B-3 C-2 D-1 F-0 4+3+2+2+2+2=15 now divide how many classes you have... 15/6= 2.5 2.5 would be a very strong C
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Why C is called C language?

C is descendent from another programing language called B which was at that time when 'C' was invented. That's why it derived its name as 'C' successive to 'B'.
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Is C-C hydrophillic or hydrophobic?

Hydrophilic means "water loving". Only molecules that are polar (look for OH, SH or NH) or have an ionic region fall into this category and thus are soluble. All others are hy ( Full Answer )
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Why c in and c out used in c?

In the programming language C++, cin is used to input the variable and cout is used to print a certain message or result.
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What is the m c c b?

m c c b means the me club calls beiber fever. I love justin. He's so sexy
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Is c-c a hydrogen bond?

No. A hydrogen bond occurs when H is bonded to a strongly electronegative element like oxygen in a compound. The oxygen attracts the electrons in the bond stronger than the hy ( Full Answer )
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What is H-C-C-C-C-C-C-H?

The chemical that you describe looks like slightly hydrogenated coal. No petroleum derived hydrocarbon would have so few hydrogen atoms. With the addition of another 12 hydrog ( Full Answer )
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Is C C Myers alive?

Clinton C. Myers, the founder of C.C. Myers, Inc., the constructioncompany, is still alive, although he has retired from the company.
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What does the C mean in degrees C?

The 'C' stands for Celsius which is the scale of temperature inwhich water freezes at 0° and boils at 100° under standardconditions. It is named after the Swedish astron ( Full Answer )
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What is the c...?

The C is the third letter in the alphabet, and makes kind of a chopping sound, like at the beginning of "cut" or "core". The C can also make noises like an "s".