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What is a code for tamagotchi v4?

a tama v4 code is something that u enter in the shop that u can't enter twice. u press a 3 times quickly and enter 1 of these: BBCA CCCA=pen ACAB ACAC=steak BAAB ACBA=clone CCBA AABB= LOVE-POTION!!! CAAA BACB=rare cell… Full Answer

What are some v4 tamagotchi passwords?

Did you find a secret code? At the shop counter screen, press (A). Then, press (A) quickly three times. When the shop owner's face appears surprised, punch in the secret code to reveal a new item. • 1.BBCA CCCA= Pen=… Full Answer

Tamagotchi codes?

Codes? I'll help! lol. You know how to enter them, right? Ok, all SHOP codes for V4- Steak: ACAB ACAC Clone: BAAB ACBA Love potion/honey: CCBA AABB Pen: BBCA CCCA CD3: CAAA BACB Only works on V4- I have tested… Full Answer

Codes for tamagotchi v4 and v45?

V4:Pen = 15,000 gp: BBCA CCCA. Steak = 1,400 gp: ACAB ACAC. Clone = 14,000 gp: BAAB ACBA. Honey = 7,000 gp: CCBA AABB. CD3 = 0 gp: CAAA BACB.Enter these 2 passwords to get a slide and a playhouse...FREE52815… Full Answer

What are tamagotchi v4 codes?

bbca ccca = pen acab acac =steak  baab acba =!! (clone an imediet copy of them.)  ccba aabb = love potion also cell phone if you add another letter on.  caaa bacb= CD 3  for cell phone  aaba ccbb=parent  ccac… Full Answer