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Is a 14-year-old mature?

Maturity at 14 . I think that it doesnt matter on the age just the persons personality. You can be a 12 year old, but act like an 17 year old. It just depends on the person ( Full Answer )
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Im a gay 14 year old and my boyfriend has approached me about sex what should I do?

Hormones are raging at this age but it is still illegal until you have reached the age of consent in your state unless there are close in age exemptions. Tell him how you feel ( Full Answer )
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Hiring 14 year olds?

Publix is hiring 14 and up , but rue 21 is not only 18 year old
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Were can 14 year olds work?

Pretty much nowhere- so start your own business! Be creative! Start dog-walking, house-sitting, babysitting, cleaning, etc. You'll have $$ in no time if you advertise around t ( Full Answer )
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If a boy is 17 years old and a girl is 14 years old are there any laws against them dating or having sex in South Carolina?

There are no laws against them dating as long as both sets of parents are okay with it (the parents of a minor--anyone under 18--have the right to decide who their child is an ( Full Answer )
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Should a 14 year old be playing sex games?

Only if they ask complete permission from their mommy and daddy first, and get a written note to submit to their friends before partaking in said games.
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Do 14 year old guys think about sex?

Do bears nest in the woods? Yes, 14 year olds in the middle of puberty think about sex once every 7 seconds. Read more: * ( Full Answer )
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What do 13-year-olds do for sex?

13-year-olds have to use their imagination and masturbate if theyhave a sexual urge. They are not legally allowed to have sex witheach other or anyone else. The minimum Age Of ( Full Answer )
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Is sex at 14 with a 17 year old okay if your ready?

Regardless of wether you think you are ready a 17 year old having sex with a 14 year old is against the law and will get both in deep trouble. When 2 people have sex there is ( Full Answer )
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Is it OK for a 14-year-old boy to have gay sex?

Yes I've had sex im 14 . Just make sure that if you are the person f*cking to wear a condom and take it easy. A: If you feel up to it , yes.
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Is it normal for two 14 year olds to shower together 3 or 4 times if they have been going out for a year and haven't had sex?

First off.. the 28 year old in me says: NO WAY! Then I step back, and remember what it was like being that age. First, congratz on not having had sex. Ask yourself what is nor ( Full Answer )
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Can a 14 year old babysit a 14 year old?

I wouldn't say it's called "babysitting" i would call it hanging out with someone that the parents didn't want to watch, but if your getting payed for keeping him/her in check ( Full Answer )
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How can a 14 year old get a sex toy online?

This seems dodgy. To make an online purchase you need a credit card. You'll need to be quite a bit older to get one of those. I suggest you improvise until then, but try not ( Full Answer )
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What should you do if you're 14 and your 10 year old sister asks you what sex is?

Try to EDUCATE her, but do not teach her how it goes. __________ Answer her simply, sex is the way mommy's and daddy's privately make a baby, or sex is the way mommy's ( Full Answer )
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Can you put your 14 year old out?

You can't just put them out the door and tell them good luck, butyou do have options. Keep in mind that the laws and regulationsvary from state to state, so you will have to c ( Full Answer )
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How fat can a 14 year old be?

how much your child SHOULD weigh all depends on different variables. a five foot tall 14 year old child male child should weigh around 125 pounds. if he works out however that ( Full Answer )
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What to get for a 14 year old boy?

If he has a play station, wii or xbox, get him a game for it.
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Can you do ballet if you are 14 years old?

Yes, you can start ballet at any age. However, you may want to, if you have not already, learn the positions of the arms and feet as well as perhaps some basic movements such ( Full Answer )
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Is two 14 year old boys having protected sex okay?

Sex is a psychological as well as a physical experience. When you have sex with someone, you are responsible for them. You need to know how to have safe sex, and you have to ( Full Answer )
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How do you flirt with a 14 year old?

If you already know this 14 year old, then start hanging around them, act normal and just be chilled, don't get over excited about anything or whatever.. So just talk to them, ( Full Answer )
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Can 14 year old have a baby?

Technicaly no, you can't because having sex at such a young age is illegal in most states. But biologically speaking yes you can have a baby. But keep in mind, babies are a lo ( Full Answer )
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Can a 14 year old get circumcised?

It's possible. You can amputate just about any appendage of the body at any age including the foreskin.
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Can a 14 year old merry a 14 year old?

Normally it depends on where in the world you live... but if you are in the US, then no... they can get engaged, but if their parets agree, they can get married at 16, if the ( Full Answer )
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Why sex is paining you are now 14 years?

because it is early and probably your first couple times having sex the tissue isn't used to having something as big as a penis in it.