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How can I tell if my wrist is fractured or sprained?

The mechanism or how your wrist was hurt plays a big part. If youhave point tenderness over a specific carpal or wrist bone. If youhave swelling,and bruising and loss of or de ( Full Answer )
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What causes the pulse you feel in your wrist?

At the wrist, there's a fairly large blood vessel that runs closeto the skin, which makes it easy to feel. Most other places the bigvessels run deeper in your body. And what's ( Full Answer )
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What causes the pulse at your wrist?

A pulse can be felt in the wrist because there is a large bloodvessel under the skin. Pulses can also be felt in the foot andneck.
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How can you fracture your wrist?

One way is to fall on it with an outstretched arm.\n. \nTrauma, either by fall, motor vehicle accident, or other cause is the most common causes of fractures. Some people, es ( Full Answer )
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My little girl fell and had a buckle fracture she got her cast off 3 or 4 weeks ago Now she has a rash on the same wrist she fractured Do you think this has anything to do w the fracture?

very unlikely that the rash is related. more likely it results from the irritaion of having a dirty sweaty stinky cast held to her sensitive skin for three weeks, or even a n ( Full Answer )
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How to treat a hairline fracture of the wrist?

A hairline fracture of the wrist will not always need to be immobilized. If there is no displacement of the bones, the wrist will heal perfectly without casting. You may find ( Full Answer )
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Where is the wrist?

The wrist is located distal to the elbow. Meaning the wrist is farther from the point of origin than the elbow.
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Can a fracture wrist cause dorsiflextion?

If you mean a decorticate flexion, this would indicate neurological damage. The original process could be the wrist fracture you speak of.
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What is a fracture in your wrist?

A wrist fracture in the common vernacular is a break in one of thebones of the distal forearm, the radius or the ulna.
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How do you treat a buckle distal radius fracture right wrist little 5 year old?

The Buckle or torus fracture is an extremely common injury in children. The previous response stated "Get them sent to an A&E/ER immediately, unless you want the risk of a def ( Full Answer )
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What are the symptoms of a wrist hairline fracture?

I think of a hairline fracture as a non-displaced fracture. In other words, the bones are not moved out of position, but the involved bone is still broken, technically. Usu ( Full Answer )
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I have a small buckle fracture in my wrist left wrist and I need to know how long this fracture will take to heal in a hard cast and will a sling help in the healing?

My daughter has a buckle fractue of her wrist. She had a plaster of Paris cast for one week and now has a splint on for 2 weeks, she can take the splint off for showers and wh ( Full Answer )
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Do you need a cast for a fractured wrist?

For a fractured wrist to heal properly, it needs to be reset andallowed to heal without moving. This is usually ensured by placingthe wrist in a cast, or, at the very least, a ( Full Answer )
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How do you heal a hairline wrist fracture?

Only a Doctor can determine for sure, but it may be casted or just immobilized. Either way it will need to be prevented from moving or taking any stress for about 6 weeks.
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How do you green fracture your wrist?

well green stick fracture is common amongst children because there bones are still growing so that's usually what happens but it is possible for a child to have a clean break ( Full Answer )
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How do you fracture wrist?

By Falling on it or something hard hitting if someone hit your wrist hard with something.
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Is it safe to take ibuprofen with a wrist fracture?

ya u can .Ibuprofen is the safest drug in all the NSAID's.very less side effect r seen but for ur facture it will be good if u take better patent drugs
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What symptoms do you get with a fractured wrist?

THe wrist may be swollen and tender and it may hurt when the wrist is moved or has to bear weight. Sometimes the wrist can look a bit out of shape. If you do suspect a fractur ( Full Answer )
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What do you do for a fractured wrist?

The diagnosis of a fracture is by xray, typically. If there is afracture present, the decision must be made whether the fractureneeds to be reduced, or "set," and then to spli ( Full Answer )
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What can cause pains on the wrist?

Wrist pains starting while serving a tour in Afghanistan all started because jose had sex with an afghanistan male linguist and transmited the hoonacocka disease. Hoonacocka ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if you have a wrist fracture?

The wrist is made up of 8 small bones and 2 larger bones in the forearm. If your wrist is broken, you will experience pain, swelling, protrusion of a bone, or other symptoms, ( Full Answer )
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Does a wrist fracture require medical attention?

In my opinion a wrist fracture would definetely require medical attention. There are so many bones in your wrist that it will need a doctor to look at to make sure that you do ( Full Answer )
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How do you diagnose a hairline wrist fracture?

Hairline fractures in the wrist don't really feel like its broken, more like your wrist is jammed but it hurts more. After about 30 minutes to 2 hours your wrist will be swoll ( Full Answer )
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Can you do all sports with a fractured wrist?

Depends on how bad the fracture is. But it might cause you some discomfort, try not to play but if your team needs you then go for it.