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Does a camel's milk curdle?

It has to. To make Kadchgall i(a hard cheese made from sheep's or camel's milk clotted with yoghurt. This cheese has a cylindrical shape.

What is the most important thing in landscaping?

The most important thing in landscaping is your approach and visualization towards your landscape. Visualization in terms of beautiful, maintenance, and a healthy environment. A healthy environment of your landscape make your landscaping most beautiful, attractive.

Why is my urine white?

If by white, you mean clear, this is perfectly healthy. This means that your body is hydrated, yellow urine indicates a need for more water intake, whereas clear urine indicates sufficient water intake... and to make the answer complete, red… Full Answer

How much protein in urine is OK?

The amount of protein in your urine that is healthy varies from person to person. Some healthy people spill protein in their urine regularly. Talk with your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Can marijuana make you beautiful?

Not at all! <- not true Yes marijuana does make you more beautiful, it could help you lose weight because it speeds up you matabilisim and makes you only hungry when you are high, also it makes your more healthy,