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Can a buyer back out of a purchase agreement?

Depends on the contract and what state you are in. Most contracts allow for the buyer to back out under certain conditions (the home fails inspection on an issue that affec ( Full Answer )
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What is a note purchase agreement?

The purchase of notes is usually a temporary bilateral arrangement for an initial period of one year, which may be extended by a period of up to two years. The principal o ( Full Answer )
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How do you write a purchase agreement for a house?

\nYou don't write your own P&S Agreement unless you have some experience in drafting legal documents. You should seek the advice of an attorney who can explain your legal opti ( Full Answer )
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What is a rent to own purchase agreement?

it is where you rent something and you ge tcredit for it. then when you want to buy it you use that credit for buying it.
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Can anyone explain to you how a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement works?

Do you mean Solar Power Purchase Agreements? Solar Power Purchase agreements are a long term agreement between a company such as Tioga Energy and another corporation. Tioga En ( Full Answer )
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How binding is a purchase agreement?

A written purchase agreement signed by both parties is as binding as any other contract.
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What is a share purchase agreement?

a share purchase agreement is an agreement that summarize the condition of the investment made by the investor in return for shares in the company
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Help you raise a car loan through hire purchase?

leasing and hire purchase are financial facilities which allow a business to use an assest over a fixed period,in return for regular period. if any of you take lone from a fin ( Full Answer )
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What is a blanket purchase agreement contract?

It is an contract between one or more buyers and one ro more supplier to estimate the amount of items to be delived at the rigt the price and at the the right place agreed
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What are the statutory rights of hirer under hire purchase agreement?

Under Hire Purchase Act 1967, 1. Right to copy of statement relating to his financial position- section 9 2. Right to appropriation of payment- section 10 3. Right to apply fo ( Full Answer )
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What is the formula for hire purchase?

Hire purchase is calculated using the simple interest formula, and interest is only calculated on the amount owing. A = S ( 1 + i.n) Where: A = Total amount after interest ( Full Answer )
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Which are the merits of hire purchasing system?

In any countries.....middle income families are higher.By using HIRE PURCHASING SYSTEM they can buy equipment that they need and only pay a small amount as monthly payments in ( Full Answer )
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What was hire purchase in 1920s?

Industry and social change . < p>Your web browser does not have JavaScript switched on at the moment. For information on how to enable JavaScript please go to the Webwise si ( Full Answer )
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Can you return a car that was just bought because on the purchase agreement it was priced at a higher price than what the sales guy had told you?

It would be very hard to do, since you signed an agreement at the higher price. A decent dealership would not make you go through buying the car if you changed your mind, but ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of a purchase agreement?

The main use of a purchase agreement is that it is a simplified method of filling anticipated costs and expenses so buyers or sellers aren't hit with unexpected costs.
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What are the benefits of purchasing car hire insurance?

When hiring a car, one is generally responsible for damage inflicted on the hired car, for example in accidents. Purchasing a car hire insurance offers protection from claims ( Full Answer )
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Where can The Four Agreements be purchased?

The Four Agreements is a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz. It can be purchased from good retail bookshops such as Barnes and Noble. It can be purchased online from Amazon in bo ( Full Answer )
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What type of car hire services are available for purchase?

Types of car hiring services include leasing from your local dealership, in which a person interested in possessing a car would go to their local car dealership and choose one ( Full Answer )