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What is sex and how does a girl become pregnant?

Answer . first of all sex is the sharing of an intimate moment between two people sometimes it is called "intercourse" or "making love" a girl gets pregnant when you insert ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get another girl pregnant?

No, females only have eggs. To have a pregnancy, it would be necessary to fertilize the egg, which is done by sperm, which is only produced by males. No. One of them can get i ( Full Answer )
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How can a girl not get pregnant from sex?

ther are verry little ways to not get preg. 1. don't do is until your maried and you find the right giy. 2.use the pill(but it can lead to death(blood-clots)) 3.the spun ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get pregnant if she is on her period and has unpretected sex?

yes she can, by the time the period first comes, it means she is ovulating and an egg has been released from the ovaries. Even though its during the period theres the chance t ( Full Answer )
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I am a girl but in my sex dreams I am the man?

This is normal: most people fantasize what it's like to be the other sex, often in relation to the act of sex. If you are comfortable with who you are in the daylight it's jus ( Full Answer )
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If the girl leaks durning sex does that get her pregnant?

Sounds like a orgasam to me but you don't have to have a orgasam to get pregnant. Precum on the tip of the pensis can get you pregnant,it has the most concentrated amount of s ( Full Answer )
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If a man sucks a vagina will the girl get pregnant?

A female cannot get pregnant unless semen is ejaculated into her womb or vagina from the penis. Cunniligus(or sucking/licking) of the vagina will not cause impregnation.
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If girl ejected and man not then its possible for a girl to get pregnant?

Even before ejaculating, the fluid coming out of the penis (called seminal fluid), contains sperms. If these enter into the girl, irrespective of whether she has ejected (clim ( Full Answer )
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If a man ejaculates and a few hours later has sex with no condom can the girl get pregnant?

If It's God's Will, Of Course; But WHY Sin And Have "SEX" Outside Of Marriage??? A REAL MAN Guards His Sexuality, Thus Pleasing The Lord, And Keeps This Union Within ( Full Answer )
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Is a girl pregnant if she has sex and misses her period?

It is possible, but not the only explanation. She could have irregular periods, or maybe she started her birth control just in time. The only way to know for sure at this poin ( Full Answer )
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What to do if your man used you for another girl?

It depends how you really feel, no matter what though, you should talk to the guy, and if you know the girl talk to her to. There's no problem with being forthcoming even thou ( Full Answer )
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My boyfriend got another girl pregnant what do i do?

It really depends on how you feel about him. I personally would break up with him after finding out something like that because that'd make me guess he's the irresponsible typ ( Full Answer )
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Can urine of a man get a girl pregnant?

No. Male urine does not carry semen the fluid that contains sperm. There is not possibility of pregnancy from urine.
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How can man know that girl is want to sex?

If she laughs at your jokes that are not soo funny while also playing with her hair at the same time as looking at you.. Or even trying to come closer to you.. But you should ( Full Answer )
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When will a girl get pregnant after during sex?

It takes the sperm 3 days to fertilize the egg and another 10 days for the egg to travel down to the uterus and get attached. You can take a test 2 weeks after sex the earlies ( Full Answer )
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Is it ok to have a sex if a girl is pregnant?

In a normal healthy pregnancy, sex is safe for the first two trimesters. However, in the third trimester, it may cause contractions in some women. It may also become more unco ( Full Answer )