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If you have a period the week after you have unprotected sex and you missed some pills is there still a possibility that you can be pregnant even if the guy didn't ejaculate in you?

Is it possible I could be pregnant? . Whether or not you have had your period since you have had sex, if you suspect you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test as soon as poss ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get pregnant if a guy ejaculates in her but she's still a virgin but she suppose get period in that week but she's not?

Answer . If she is having sex, she is no longer a virgin, first off. Secondly, any time you have unprotected sex, even if you practice the inane 'pull out' method, it can ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant if the guy pre-ejaculate and fingers the girl?

Yes it is posiable because sperm can escape from the seamen into the pre-ejaculate, but in your case with a finger its more than likely its a no. If you have normal sex and pu ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible for a girl to become pregnant if she still has her hymenbut had intercourse with penis on outer vagina and guy ejaculated?

Yes. Anytime semen comes in contact with your skin around your vagina it is possible. If you don't want to become pregnant abstinence is the only sure way.. There are always ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get pregnant if she orgasms and the guy didn't ejaculate?

If there was no semen released, then you could not become pregnant. Your orgasm has nothing to do with it. However, just because he did not reach full ejaculation, does not ne ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to not get pregnant even if a guy ejaculates in you?

\nYes, a female can only become pregnant on certain days and even then only with some luck. Being ejaculated in does not suggest that you'll necessarily become pregnant, but ( Full Answer )
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If a guy is circumcised can a girl still get pregnant?

Yes, circumcision only affests the foreskin, not the testes. Possibly you were thinking of castration. I am circumcised and I have three healthy children.
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Can you get a girl pregnant if the guy and the girl were both of them where wearing underwear and the guy pre ejaculated in his?

Chances of such a pregnancy taking place are remote. To be able to reach the ova, the sperm must be able to travel upto the ova. In this case, it seems highly unlikely that pr ( Full Answer )
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Why is it considered gay for guys to wear womens clothing but girls can wear pants ect?

This shows how deeply the idea that "women are inferior" is buried in society. It makes "perfect sense" for a woman to aspire to manhood, but why would a man "descend" to the ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl be pregnant if a man has ejaculated over her panty?

Chances are the girl is most likely not pregnant, however she may want to try a traditional home pregnancy test just to be safe. And next time you should be more careful becau ( Full Answer )
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Can a woman get pregnant if she and a guy rub their genitals against each other in seawater but had their swimsuits on even if there's no ejaculation what happens if there is pre-ejaculate?

The chances of pregnancy through clothing is almost too rare to even consider, adding water to the mix will certainly reduce that chance again - so no I would say you cannot g ( Full Answer )