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If a 6-year old child is brought into the US from Mexico illegally how can he work legally and become a citizen when he is 18?

If you're here after an illegal entry (brought here as a child) then you are in the same boat as everyone else here with an illegal entry. You have to return to your home coun ( Full Answer )
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If you are 17 years old and an illegal alien in the US how do you become a legal citizen without marrying a legal US citizen?

Answer . You can be adopted by a US citizen. You can be sponsored by an immediate relative that is a US citizen or a permanent green card holder.. Answer . Marrying a U ( Full Answer )
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Can a US citizen adopt a child who is in the US illegally?

Adopting an Illegal Alien Guardianship or adoption is only possible for a child who is under the age of 16-years when the action if filed. Before adoption is possible the chi ( Full Answer )
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Can a Mexican citizen adopt a US child and when the child reaches legal age have them apply for a green card for their non citizen parent?

Answer . \nInternational adoptions are expensive and complicated and the applicants are subjected to an in depth investigation of their financial, living environment, mora ( Full Answer )
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Can a US citizen adopt an illegal 18-year-old?

Answer . No.. Illegal immigrants regardless of their age are not eligible for adoption.. In most instances even a legal immigrant minor already within the US cannot be a ( Full Answer )
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Can a US citizen adopt a 16 year old niece who is in the US illegally?

Answer . To some extent, this question requires knowing the law of the state of adoption. Chances are, there will be problems getting the documentation and consents needed ( Full Answer )
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Is a child born to a legal citizen and an illegal alien a legal citizen of the US?

yes because it was born in the U.S Hmm? I could be wrong but I believe you are a legal citizen of wherever it is that you are born? Did you mean that the child was born in ( Full Answer )
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Can a us citizen adopt a 17 year old illegal alien with a child born in US?

This question can be accurately answered if you call a 1-800 number for immigration and talk to an operator who will use immigration laws to answer the question. I have limite ( Full Answer )
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Is Obama a legal US citizen after having lived in Indonesia for 4 years as a child?

Mr. Obama is a citizen of only the United States, and has never held another citizenship instead or in addition to United States citizenship. Just as American children who liv ( Full Answer )
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Can a us citizen sponsor an individual who is in the country legally on as visitors visa?

What do you mean by sponsor?. Yes, if you mean signing an affidavit of support, i.e. assuring the United States government that if the individual goes on welfare you will rei ( Full Answer )
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Can immigrants adopt a us citizen child?

Yes, an immigrant can adopt a US child. However, it is uncommon.Most of the time, US natives adopt an immigrant child.
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Do you have to be a US citizen to adopt a US child?

Information on adoption criteria varies by state. You should consult your local adoption agency for more info. Generally-speaking, adopting a US orphan child (i.e. one who ( Full Answer )
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Non citizen CHILD of a US citizen will became citizen?

Yes, if the child was born outside the US and one of the biological parents was a US citizen, you should go to the nearest embassy or consulate general of the US and register ( Full Answer )
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How can you adopt a 17 year old non citizen?

Not sure you will have time before he turns 18. If he turns 18 he will not become a citizen. His parents have to give up their parental rights and you have to pass the home st ( Full Answer )
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Can a non US citizen adopt a dog in the US?

The answer is yes. Citizenship doesn't even come up. All you needis a roof over your head, good intentions and the adoption fee.
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Can a us citizen get a visitor visa?

Your question can only be answered if we know where you're going. Some countries require visas from US citizens, others do not.
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Will an adult legal immigrant get citizenship if he is adopted by a US citizen?

File Form 600K for adopted child outside U.S to get citizenship. The process should be completed before the child is 16 years old.The only exception to this provision is if th ( Full Answer )
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Is it legal for a US citizen to marry a non-citizen in US?

No problem. All it takes as a valid marriage license. If the individual is in the US legally, they may be able to obtain permanent residency, but check the appropriate immigra ( Full Answer )