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What bullet does a standard AK-47 fire?

The AK fires the 7.62x39mm cartridge, which uses a 7.85mm (.311 caliber) jacketed bullet weighting 123 grains (8 grams). Original bullets were made of steel wrapped in lead with a copper-plated steel jacket.

What is a high performance jacket bullet?

A fancy way of saying a jacketed round. Jackets are thin layers of metal (usually copper) which coat the actual bullet itself, providing a smoother surface to both streamline the bullet, and reduce the chance of breakage in the barrel… Full Answer

What is 22 cal plated ammunition?

22 ammunition is plated in copper rather than jacketed in copper. The difference being, larger calibers have an actual copper jacket fitted over the usually lead core. .22 caliber ammunition, on the other hand, has a much smaller bullet component… Full Answer

Will a 380 bullet go through drywall?

Yes, several layers of drywall in fact if the bullet is FMJ ( full metal jacketed). Hollow points have less penetration in drywall and anything else for that matter.

What is TMJFP ammo?

Total Metal Jacketed Flat Point. Many "jacketed" bullets have some lead exposed- usually at the base. TMJ wraps all of the bullet in jacketing metal. This can reduce leading of barrels, and airborne lead (indoor shooting ranges)

How does fire occur?

Either a spark of flame or wind and a match can start a fire or dumb people when they through there ciggs out the window that czan also start it especially when theres dry brush around

What was bullets made out of in the war?

Depends on which war. Up until the lates 1800s, bullets were made of soft lead. With the creation of smokeless powder, which created higher velocity cartridges, the lead core was wrapped in a layer of "gilding metal"- made of a… Full Answer

How big is a mp5 bullet?

The Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun fires a 9x19mm cartridge, which has an overall length of 19.69 millimeters, and a rim diameter of 9.96 millimeters. The bullet itself has a diameter of 9.01 millimeters, with length depending on the… Full Answer

What are the different types of bullets?

Basically, jacketed, semi-jacketed, lead, in the following types: round nose, wadcutter, semi-wadcutter, hollow point, flat base, boat tail. as well as high velocity and soft points, as well as copper tipped HV rounds.

What type of bullets are there?

There is a bullet design/type for any application of firearms you can think of. Just as tools were developed for specific purposes, so did bullet design evolve over the years. Here's a few.... 1. Wadcutter 2. Sem-wadcutter 3. Round nose… Full Answer

Why is there a lot of fires in California?

Most fires start in California because it is hot and dry so when all of the under brush from winter and fall becomes flammable and its hot out side the brush and leaves catch on fire then the firespeed's.

Why do forest fires start?

It could either be caused by a lack of moisture due to no rain, or someone may have ignited the forest fire by not putting out a camp fire correctly, or dropping a cigarette in some brush.

How can you prevent fire in garden?

Water it daily Where i live its been over 100 degrees and my neighbors said they water their garden cause they got weeds in it and they dont want to start a brush fire behind their house

What is the metal in a usual bullet?

The vast majority have lead as the primary metal. That is true for handgun bullet but rifle bullets are usually lead, for the weight, encased in what looks like a thin shell of copper. This copper is actually 'gilding' metal… Full Answer