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Are colored contacts for girls?

i dont have contacts but im pretty sure colored contacts r 4 boys ang girls depending on color.=] ARE GREY CONTACTS FOR BOYS? CUZ I WANT EM

Do you need glasses to have contacts?

no Unless you are getting colored contacts. If not, then you will need a prescription to get contacts. Most eye doctors want you to have both just in case your eyes get "tired' of wearing contacts.

Can you wear color contacts for Halloween?

Yes, color contacts make a great add on to your Halloween costume. Even if you don't normally wear contacts, you can get non-prescription colored contacts to make your eyes look scary. They come in a number of different styles including…

How do you color normal contacts?

It's not normally possible to manually color normal contacts because if there is any leftover wet-ish dye residue at all, you could severely damage your eyes- permanently. If you want colored contacts don't bother using your standard contacts and coloring…

How can a person change their eye color?

One can buy colored contacts from your optometrist. But if they have bad eye sight, they might have to wear classes with the contacts. The colored contacts can have a prescription, but the prescriptions are pretty weak because the contacts…

Where is it possible to buy colored contacts?

You can buy colored contacts at Walgreens, Amazon or through 1800contacts. You can have them with or without a subscription. If you are looking for non corrected colored contacts, then you do not need a subscription, but you will need…

What are colored eye contacts?

Colored eye contacts are designed to enhance your natural eye-color by adding tint or lines of various colors. You can also find costume style colored contacts that can give you red eyes or cat-like eyes for example.

What are eye contacts?

Eye contacts used to be plastic. They were very hard and uncomfortable too. But now though they are still made out of plastic. They use different types of materials that incorporate water. The water allows them to be soft and…