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What is HTC and what does it do?

HTC is a foreign phone company but has been making phones for the US for years now.They had the first touch screen phones before they became popular. I think they started with ( Full Answer )
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Who were the Incredibles?

A search og Google with the term, "The Incredibles" will provide an answer for you.
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What is a sentence using the word incredible?

He told incredible stories about his exploits as a spy. That year saw an incredible number of train accidents in the state. She was an incredible person and an inspiration to ( Full Answer )
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Use incredible in a sentence?

Michael Phellps is an incredible swimmer who earned eight gold medals in the last summr Olympics. It takes incredible patience to train a new puppy. After skydiving for the ( Full Answer )
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Use incredibly in a sentence?

As I overlooked the mountain range it was incredibly beautiful. The sun was setting on the peaks of the snow capped mountains.
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Write a sentence using word incredible?

BMX riders do incredible but dangerous stunts. . The school band had done an incredible job at performing at the community concert.
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A figure of speech that uses an incredible?

you can go to ur teacher and say ms can i have sLex with u plzzz ND SAY I WANNA F××K U I FEEL HORNY AND MY DICX ASWELL SOO WANNA F×CK.
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How could you activate a used HTC Hero?

To activate a used HTC Hero, you must call your mobile phone company and they will give you directions on how to activate your phone.
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Can you hack the HTC hd2 to AT and T?

We do not know so buy and you people try to hack p.s we are responsible if you people get arrest for hacking bye =)
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How big is the HTC Incredible screen?

The Droid Incredible has a 3.7-inch AMOLED touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution.
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What HTC cell phone is used on Leverage the tv show?

Several HTC devices have been featured in this show. The ep about the drug company test group was a HTC Incredible. Another episode features both the EVO & HERO. That sure i ( Full Answer )
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Will an AT and T HTC Tilt work in India?

It needs to be unlocked and few functions will not work like updates.. also not all the operators allow you to give connectivity to such phones. i would suggest not to buy tho ( Full Answer )
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Can you Skype on HTC droid incredible?

Yes, you can use skype on the HTC Droid Incredible. Oh, also just read something cool. You can get free skype sms too.. That's kind of awesome.
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Can you use a microSDHC in HTC wildfire phones?

I can't. I have HTC Wildfire S and MicroSD HC card but when I trying to write something to flash card, an error message appears something like "insert your card"...
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Can the HTC inspire use ooVoo?

No,because they do not have a front camra and it would be hard to do facetime.but you can textpeople on facebook.
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Can you use beats with a HTC wildfire s?

You can use Beats Audio with an HTC Wildfire S if you root your phone and install clockwork recovery mod.
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I have a sudden black spot on my Verizon Wireless HTC Droid Incredible 2. Will Verizon repair or replace my phone for free?

There are conditions for a broken phone to be fixed not only by Verizon, but by any provider. How old is the phone? Usually, new phone have a 1 year warranty and it will be fi ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the HTC inspire front camera?

This certain device doesn't have one. The black dot, Isn't a camera. Not even close. Its a light sensor so when you're using, Auto Brightness. I can adjust. The Inspire 4G onl ( Full Answer )
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What are some features of the HTC incredible s?

There are multiple features of the HTC Incredible that are favored. Some of the best features are, 8 MP camera with LED flash and 28 mm lens. It also has a 1.2 GHz dual core p ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word incredibly in a sentence?

Incredibly is an adverb. The following sentence uses incredibly to modify the adjective beautiful: Her voice was clear and incredibly beautiful.
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How can you use your HTC with no simcard?

The simple answer is - you can't ! ALL phones need to be able toidentify themselves to the network. This is done either by aremovable SIM card, or an embedded SIM module.