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What is the best app for the droid?

It really is a matter of opinion, but when you sum up the general rating for something, people tend to follow reviews. Some of best Droid apps include: Angry Birds Pandora S ( Full Answer )
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How do you get new pages of apps on droid?

OK, here's the answer to the ACTUAL QUESTION YOU ASKED: Currently, the Droid only allows 3 pages. No matter how many apps you download, YOU CANNOT GET MORE PAGES TO PUT THEM ( Full Answer )
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Can you download apps to your Droid phone?

Yes, you can. There are literally thousands of both free and non-free apps available in the Market which is easy to link to on your Droid.
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What is the Swype app for a Droid?

Swype is a new text input technology for very fast texting on small, mobile devices. It is made by Swype Inc. and you can learn more at It is preloaded on many phon ( Full Answer )
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How do you run 2 apps on a Droid?

Open the first app. Touch the "Home" icon at the bottom of the Droid. Navigate to and open the 2nd app. To switch between the two apps, use the "Home" icon, NOT the "Back" ico ( Full Answer )
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What are the best apps for droid?

One of the best is the Advanced Task Killer app. If you have multiple tasks going on, they will eat up your battery if they're not stopped. Advanced Task Killer enables you to ( Full Answer )
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What is better the Verizon droid x or the droid 2?

It depends on what you want to do. The Droid X is slightly faster and has a better camera while the Droid 2 has the physical keyboard. In my opinion the Droid X is better.
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Does the droid 2 have apps?

Yes, The Droid 2 has apps. It comes with a few. You can download lots and lots of free ones in Android Market (one of the apps it comes with)
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Will Motorola Droid X be compatible with 4G Broadband?

Possibly, when at&t upgraded to 3g it was just them increasing their network speeds alot like what Verizon may do and seeing as all it runs on 3g it should be able to do 4g. V ( Full Answer )
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What is better the droid x or droid pro?

Droid X of course Well not really the guy who put that up there is telling his opinion it depends if you like newer phones better
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Is the Motorola droid 2 global touch screen?

Druids tend to all have touch technology as a standard, not to mention, as the cell phone industry's begun to formulate a tend, in, obviously touch technology. Therefore if it ( Full Answer )
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Which droid should you get droid incredible droid glabal droid pro droid x or android which one is the best version of the droid for a teenager?

ANDROID IS THE SYSTEM THAT THE ALL RUN! That being said functionality wise they all do the same thing, apps & things of that nature. Droid Pro- Great Security and the fas ( Full Answer )
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Is the ghost app on droid real?

No its not,its just random stuff they put,they will need EMF but that is not built in the phone they are just trying to scare you ^.^ how I know..well its a phone it doesn't h ( Full Answer )
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Are droid apps in HD?

I don't think so .I think that most of the hd apps on the stoic are having cost money some app are up to ten dollars
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Should you buy the droid 2 or the droid x?

The droid X most defiantly, the slide out keyboard is not extremely comfortable iv heard. also the x has a better battery a larger screen. and a 8mpg camera. Its really cool . ( Full Answer )
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Does Verizon have the droid or droid x?

Verizon is carring the droid X. They also have the droid two and others. but the x is by far the best choice at verizon.
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Which is better droid x or droid 2?

Both phones have identical specs. But the difference is if you want a bigger screen or a physical keyboard.
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Is a virus app necessary for droid X?

It is always good to have an antivirus software in your device. If your device gets infected it would be really hard for the user. There is an antivirus app by Droidsecurity I ( Full Answer )
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Which droid is better droid R2D2 or droid 2 global?

The Droid R2D2 and the Droid 2 are almost exactly the same except for the looks. The Droid 2 global has global features which gives you coverage if you travel a lot.
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How do you take a screen shot on droid?

Well first of all you dont have to download any applications onthis phone. What you could do is this. 1. You first go to a placewhere you want to screen shot, 2. You hold the ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete apps from droid?

You touch and hold your finger on the app you want to delete. Then at the bottom of the screen there will be a picture of a trash can. Drag the apps you want to delete there a ( Full Answer )
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Droid X or Droid Incredible 2?

When it comes to specs, innovation, and the latest smart phone technology, go with the Droid Incredible 2. Its specs mirror the HTC Thunderbolt, though the Incredible 2's batt ( Full Answer )
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How do you get apps on the droid?

To get apps onto your Droid smart phone, you have 2 options. You can go into the market and download your apps there, or you can move apps from your computer to your phone. Th ( Full Answer )
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Which one is better the droid x or the droid?

The Droid X is the better phone. It uses newer technology, and has a nicer touch screen. Now the Droid X2 is out, which is even better.
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How do you screen capture on a droid commando?

Taking a screen shot on a Droid Commando phone is very simple. Youpress the power button and the volume button at the same time andhold for 2 seconds to take a screen shot.
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How do you get apps on an droid?

You go to the play store. To get to the play store just type it in google.
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Is the droid x the original droid?

No. The Droid X is one of the many smartphones in the Droid series by Motorola. The original would be The Motorola Droid released in 2009.