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Can you download iPhone apps on an Android phone?

Absolutely not. The Android and iPhone operating systems arecompletely incompatible, much like the Linux and Mac OS that theyare derived from. There may eventually be emulator ( Full Answer )
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What is android 2.2?

It's an updated version of Android 2.1. You can now get Android 2.3, which in my opinion, isn't as good as the 2.2. Android is a system that holds the apps, widgets and s ( Full Answer )
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Can you track Android phone from a home computer?

i found it as i had put the full lookout on my dads phone and it linked to plan b but it is meant to be a last resort using this app: ( Full Answer )
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Can you install a front camera in your Android phone?

What phone you have you cannot install a front camera because a front camera come installed if outta not installed you don't have one your phone want made for one
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How do you take a downloaded them and transfer it to an Android phone?

1)You must first take the phone and connect it to your computer using the usb cable provided when you purchased the phone. 2)Next your device will prompt you to connect to t ( Full Answer )
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Can android apps be downloaded to your computer?

Unfortunately, no. Android applications are designed specifically for the Android operating system. Thus, they wouldn't be compatible with Windows or Apple Mac operating syste ( Full Answer )
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How do you download apps to an android phone?

Go to the Google Play Market (a preinstalled widget on your android phone) and select the app you'd like. From there, just press download and it will d/l and install it on you ( Full Answer )
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How do I install flash light on Android phone?

You can find a number of flashlight apps in the Google Play Store. Some may offer more functionality than others, such as a strobe feature or the option to use your camera's f ( Full Answer )
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Can android apps be installed to smart phones?

Android phones are a category of smart phones, so the question doesn't make sense. If you mean to ask whether android apps can be installed on non-android phones, then the ans ( Full Answer )
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Where could one download PDAnet for their Android phone?

PDAnet can be downloaded from JuneFabrics to be installed onto your android phone. Also, if you're having trouble with installation, you can find very helpful guides on how to ( Full Answer )
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What does android 2.2 mean for a phone?

Android 2.2, Froyo, is a version of the android OS. When shown on aphone, it means that you are currently using android 2.2.
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How do install to computer download softwhere?

Usually your downloads go to a folder on your computer called"Downloads." You can go to this folder, find the file youdownloaded and select it. Usually after double-clicking o ( Full Answer )
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How do you install java script on Android phone?

JavaScript comes pre-installed with the browser that Android runs by default. It cannot be "installed" and "uninstalled" on its own. You may be trying to install Java, the pr ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you can't download an app on your Android phone?

If you are in Google Play or Amazon Appstore, and the app inparticular cannot install on your Android phone, it is likely thatit is not compatible for your particular phone. Y ( Full Answer )
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Why does your Android phone download speed be slowly?

I download app for app market is so slow,such asmobogenie,google.How do I take it? Answer: Your Android phone's download speed could depend on multiplefactors: your phone's ( Full Answer )
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Can you download apps from your computer to your Android?

Yes, but these application packages may or may not be approved byGoogle in the first place. For one thing, you have to be carefulwhen you side load any application package in ( Full Answer )
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How can install facebook on my android phone?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world.It will be connected hundreds of millions of users. There are twoways to download the application to your Andr ( Full Answer )