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Why is CSV useful?

Excerpts from Microsoft Computer Dictionary (5th Edn): .csv n. The file extension for a comma-delimited text file. CSV n. Acronym for comma separated values. Filename extension assigned to text files containing tabular data of the sort stored in database fields… Full Answer

What is a csv file format?

A CSV file is a Comma (or Character) Separated Values. This type of file is very commonly used for data such as the address book in Outlook. This takes each piece of data such as the name, address, phone number… Full Answer

Why do you save a file in CSV format?

CSV (Comma Separated Variable) files are portable, in that various applications can read them. This is something that is often needed to be done. When you have structured data that would be in a tabular format and you want to… Full Answer

What is a CSV file?

The comma-separated values (CSV) file format is a set of file formats used to store tabular data in which numbers and text are stored in plain textual form that can be read in a text editor. Lines in the text… Full Answer