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Is iPad 4 magnetic?

There is no iPad 4 yet. The iPad 2 and new iPad (Gen 3) have integrated magnets to hold the smart cover in place. They also have a magnetic switch that puts the iPad to sleep with the cover is… Full Answer

What are the electromagnets of a iPad?

There are no electromagnets on the iPad. The permanent magnets are located along the left edge to hold the iPad Smart Cover in place, and a small magnetic switch is located on the right side of the screen to turn… Full Answer

How expensive is a brand new iPad?

The new IPad 2 starts at $499. A cover will cost start at $39 and go up to as much as $69 for a Smart Cover. The IPad comes with some applications. Additional applications will range an average of $.99… Full Answer

What is the best case for the new iPad?

There are tough rubber cases, cases with covers for the screen, thin shell-type cases that just cover the back, and cases made of wood. There isn't a best case for everyone, but try to get one that is durable, allows… Full Answer