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What is a 69 sex wise?

It is when two people give each other oral sex at the same time. Picture a man lying on his back with a woman lying on top of him. Her vagina is in his face and she is giving him… Full Answer

Is sucking good for penis or not?

well there are many positive things about giving oral sex for a man. but if it was not given attention to it would not be a horrible thing. giving a man oral sex is for both partners to try new… Full Answer

What is a sixtyniner?

It is a sexual position in which the women gives the man oral sex, when the man is giving her oral sex at the same time. It's called a 69er because of the number 69. Look closely and you'll see… Full Answer

Do girls like to fellate?

Some do, some don't. In my experience, a person (male or female) will get more enjoyment out of giving oral sex by becoming more proficient at it. The whole point of giving oral sex I'd to please your partner so… Full Answer