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Can you take your Dish 522 DVR camping and just use it to playback stuff that has been recorded without being hooked to a satellite?

Answer . \nHere's a simple way for you to find the answer for yourself.\n. \nUnplug your unit disconnect all wiring including the sat. ant. Leave it on the table for a whi ( Full Answer )
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Can you use a DVR like a VCR and record shows over and over on the same disk?

DVR Recording . A DVR is ALMOST exactly like a VCR, except it records shows on a hard drive rather than a videotape. As far as recording goes, you can record shows over an ( Full Answer )
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Can you record a movie from your Direct TV DVR to a vhs tape if so how do you set everything?

Yes, but it does not create very goo picture quality at all. First, your going to want to hook up a coaxial cable to the back of the DVR where it says "Out To TV". Next, hook ( Full Answer )
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Can a direct tv DVR R10 be used with cable?

No, scince it is desighned by directv, it will work with there system only. Plus it needs information from the satellite to function properly. Soory
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How can you broadcast TV over the internet?

Here's what you'll need. A source for TV programming. Jacked into a "TV card" in a computer (to convert the video w/audio into a digital format that can be treated as a data s ( Full Answer )

Which tv need box for over air tv Feb 09?

You will need a set-top converter box. They'll probably run int he range of around $40.00 on up. Go to: for a coupon from the government for the purchase of a ( Full Answer )
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How do you hook up a DVR when you have a satellite TV box?

The following procedure may vary, depending on if you have Dish Network or DirecTv. Connect one or two tuners to the "satallite in" on your DVR. Two is necessary in order to r ( Full Answer )
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Can you use dvr without having cable TV?

No, you must have either a satallite or cable service provider in order to utelize a DVR. Hope this helps and good luck!
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How do you align a direct tv dish?

Dish pointing (Azimuth and elevation mount): Set the dish elevation angle first. This is the up/down angle. Use the elevation scale on the back of the dish. Set the polariz ( Full Answer )
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How can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna?

You would need a box with a digital tuner built into it. Samsung used to make one that was sold at Best Buy a few years ago that retailed for $180. They no longer make it sinc ( Full Answer )
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Is there a limit on the length of rg6 cable that you can run from a direct TV dish to dvr receiver?

100 feet maximum is your best bet. I'm using a 100 foot cable now with no problems. If memory serves me right though, 150 feet it about the maximum length you could use, but ( Full Answer )
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Can a satellite dish be used as a broadcast TV antennae?

Sort of, but not really. A satellite dish is designed to look only in one direction and amplify the signals it receives to make weaker signals acceptable. Using it as a broadc ( Full Answer )
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Can a dish network dish be used with direct tv?

The LNB does need to be from the company providing the service. The dish is only a reflector picking up the signal from the satellite to the LNB and then to the receiver. ( Full Answer )
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Do dish network and direct tv use the same satellites?

If you are referring to the satellites we use in order to provide programming, No DISH Network & DirecTv do not use the same satellite orbitals to provide our programming.
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I have an old Dish DVR with recorded programs. I now use Time Warner Cable. Can I connect this dish dvr to my tv and or my DVD player and watch the recorded shows?

Absolutely you can watch your old recorded programs - provided thatyou still have the smart card that plugs into the Dish DVR.However, you cannot record programs, so do NOT at ( Full Answer )
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Do you need a dish for direct tv?

Short answer, yes. It needs to be installed with a clear view of the southern sky. If you're in a complex without a clear view or just can't install it on the roof, your only ( Full Answer )
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How do you stop recording a show on dish DVR?

To stop recording a show on Dish DVR, you have to go to "Dish onDemand," and select the gray button three times until you see"Timers." Click that to see the shows that are set ( Full Answer )
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Can you use a dish network antenna with direct tv service?

It depends on what Dish satellite and programming you had and what DirecTV programming you want to receive. Each Dish satellite LNB (attached to the dish) picks up different o ( Full Answer )
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Is dish or direct tv better?

honestly dish network because of there new box hopper that you can record one more show at once over direct tv.but thre choice is on you they are basiclly same companys and ar ( Full Answer )
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How did a TV recording studio broadcast live television via a film camera before the use of video in 1952?

Video cameras had been around for two decades by 1952 so live broadcasts used video rather than film. Recording video was rather harder because video recorders were not availa ( Full Answer )
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Can you record from TV to DVR?

Most DVRs have their own tuner(s) built in. So it is not a matter of recording from a TV. A DVR can record alone without a TV being attached. The problem arises when you want ( Full Answer )
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How does the direct tv dvr work?

Direct TV DVR works in the same way as any other DVR service. You use your remote to record a program or movie and look for it in the place where the recordings are stored for ( Full Answer )
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How many channels does Direct TV DVR offer?

Direct TV DVR offers hundreds of channels to its subscribers. The actual number can change depending on your area and what channels are involved in the package you purchase.
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What companies provide direct tv HD dvr?

There are several companies that provide direct TV, with HD and DVR. DirectTVPlus HD DVR offers a service where you can record, watch, and delete shows in any room, with just ( Full Answer )