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What is the cost of nuclear energy by BTU?

Nuclear energy cost to the consumer is simply part of your electricity tariff rate, you don't pay for it separately. If you want to convert from KWh to BTU, or vice versa, the relation is 10,000 BTU = 2.93 KWh

1BTU day equals how many KWh?

1 BTU = 1.055 kilojoules. I'm not sure what you mean by 'BTUday'. BTU is a quantity of energy, so BTU x Day has no meaning. BTU/day is a rate of energy, ie power. KW is a rate, and KWh… Full Answer

How to convert kwh to kvah?

To convert 'kwh' to 'kvah' you first need to measure the length of time. You will then convert this amount to hours by dividing by 3,600. You will then divide this amount by the length of time.

How to convert kva-kwh?

To convert from KVA (kilovoltamperes) to KWH (kilowatthours) first convert to KW (kilowatts) by multiplying by power factor. Power factor is the cosine of the phase angle between voltage and current. Then multiply by the number of hours that you… Full Answer