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What is the meaning of psychomatic?

Psychomatic is not a word, but psychosomatic is. If something is said to be psychosomatic, its cause is mental rather than physical. Psychosomatic illnesses can also be caused by emotional issues.

What is physcosymatic?

psychosomatic - describes a physical condition that is influenced by psychological or emotional factors

What has the author Jeanne Achterberg written?

Jeanne Achterberg has written: 'Intentional Healing' 'Imagery and disease' -- subject(s): Backache, Behavioral Medicine, Cancer, Diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus, Imagery (Psychology), Instrumentation, Medicine and psychology, Neoplasms, Pain, Projective technics, Psychology, Psychosomatic aspects, Psychosomatic aspects of Backache, Psychosomatic aspects of Cancer, Psychosomatic… Full Answer

What has the author Z J Lipowski written?

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What is psychosomatic vomiting?

Psychosomatic vomiting occurs due to a psychiatric condition. Stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses/ afflictions can show their symptoms through the body in the form of pain, tight muscles, nausea/ vomiting, headaches, etc. the word psychosomatic means "psycho"= mind… Full Answer

What is the objective of pain?

It lets your brain know that something is wrong. For example, without physical pain, a tooth ache would most likely go unnoticed, that could lead to a serious infection, infection could lead to a more serious complication, even death. Emotional… Full Answer

What has the author Patricia A Brill written?

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Can you please help me if you can I have this terrible pain that is consistent and even with my belly button on my right side terrible back pain leg and thigh pain and feel movement what causes this?

It is hard to say what causes a person's pain without an examination. Your right side has both your appendix and your gall bladder. The fact that you feel movement with your problem makes pancreatitis a possibility. Colitis or an… Full Answer