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What are then names of the Jonas brother songs?

i wanna be like you poor unfortunate souls dear god dance until tomorrow nick jonas on the chain . 1. All This Time. 2. Just In Love. 3. See No More. 4. Love Sl ( Full Answer )
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What songs did prince write for other artists?

I know we wrote manic monday by the bangles, i feel 4 u by chaka khan, nothing compares 2 u by sinead o'connor and slave 4 u by britney spears..........also most of what Morri ( Full Answer )
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What are the names of the Jonas Brothers songs?

this isn't all of them but some are:. 1. What I go to school for. 2. Hold On. 3. SOS. 4. Poor unfortunate Souls. 5. i wanna be like you. 6. wrong again. 7. Inseperable. ( Full Answer )
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In the Allman Brothers song Sweet Melissa what was the true name of the gypsy the song refers to?

The Allman Brothers song, Sweet Melissa, is a song penned by GreggAllman. He was having trouble with the name and almost settled onDelilah. He was in a grocery store when a Sp ( Full Answer )
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Was one of the Allman Brothers early band names the Allman Joys?

True. One of the Allman Brothers early band names was the Allman Joys. A friend of mine, Bob Keller played bass guitar in The Allman Joys. Maynard Portwood was the drummer. A ( Full Answer )
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What are other songs similar to here without you?

well well well yes i do love this soo alot ummm after a bit of confusing researching some songs i like as well r.. MAYDAY PARADE - the last something that meant nothing ALL AM ( Full Answer )
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Have any evanescence songs been covered by other artists?

Yes. Ailyn from Sirenia covered My Immortal, Bring Me to Life, Imaginary, and Lithium. Carly Smithson covered Bring Me to Life on American Idol. With We Are the Fallen, sh ( Full Answer )
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What are the name of the songs Lady Gaga wrote for other artist?

Written for Other Artists: 1. Spin U Around by Lina Morgana 2. Reasons by Lelia Broussard 3. World Family Tree for "The Portal In The Park" Audiobook 4. Kaboom by Kale ( Full Answer )
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Does Billy Joel write songs for other artists?

Garth Brooks covered one of Billy's songs and took it to number one on the country charts, something Joel has not achieved himself. However, that was just a cover, and Joel ha ( Full Answer )
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Why do songs get banned?

Because someone with power or a LOUD voice gets offended, and thinks they know what's best for every one else.
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What did the song Whip It mean?

Whip it was a dance hit that broke put an stayed around a while. People were clingy to the chorus line... " whip it." people have debated the meaning of the lyrics since it wa ( Full Answer )
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What year did the song whip it come out?

1980 " Whip It " is the title of a 1980 single by the American New Wave band Devo. It appears on the album Freedom of Choice . There were two 7" single releases of "Whip I ( Full Answer )
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What are songs by justin bieber feat other artists?

First Dance ft Usher Baby ft Ludacris Somebody To Love ft Usher Overboard ft Jessica Jarrell Eenie Meenie ft Sean Kingston Never Say Never ft Jaden Smith Up ft Kaye W ( Full Answer )
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Was there any songs the Beatles sang that was 1 from other artist?

The expression is: "Did the Beatles do covers?" In their early days as a bar band, and in their first half-dozen or so albums, they did many covers. Just to name a few: Twist ( Full Answer )
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What other artists sang the Beatles' song Let It Be?

George Harrison and John Lennon sang in the backround. Edit: 1970: The first recording of the song to be released (even before the Beatles' version) was a cover by Aretha Fran ( Full Answer )
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Which artist wrote a song named Retrograde?

Retrograde was written and performed by James Blake in 2013. It is the first single taken from his second album, also released in 2013, and called Overgrown.
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The song Tied Up was recorded by what artist?

In 1988, Yello recorded the song Tied Up. Yello was an electronic band that began in 1979 when electronic bands were first starting to become popular. Tied Up was released abo ( Full Answer )
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Were any Everly Brothers songs ever banned anywhere?

Yes. "Wake Up Little Susie" was banned in Boston for its slightlysuggestive lyrics. It was about a couple falling asleep at adrive-in theater and waking up after curfew.
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Could you help me with the name of a song?

I have been at a wedding and there was a song playing I can'tremember much of it but I think it was quite recent and was upbeatand related to love. It had some lyrics to do wi ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of the first song posted on the Internet?

On August 8, 1988, revered inventor Andre Gray uploaded the veryfirst complete song on the Internet titled " InternetKilled The video Star ", a song he composed on a Yamaha DX ( Full Answer )