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What are the meaning in examinated?

Examinated means 1. to observe carefully or critically. 2. to study or analyse. 3. to test or check condition or health. 4. to determine qualifications. 5. tom ask a question formally.

What is a poem about blessed?

I'm not entirely sure how to answer your questions. Do want to read poems that have the word, blessed in them? Or, do you want to read poems about blessings? I found a website that may help.

Should all poems must be analyzed the same?

There are several different techniques for analysing a poem: practical criticism, close reading, lexical analysis, gender studies oriented, marxist and formalist are only some of the different schools. But how you analyse a poem will depend on what you want… Full Answer

What is the verb for analyse?

Analyse is already a verb because it is an action. Analyses, analysing and analysed are also verbs. "We need to analyse the data". "She analyses the notes". "We have analysed all the evidence". "They analysed every inch of the manuscript".