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What are the Cheat codes for Pokemon Colosseum?

That are all the Action Replay codes for Pokemon Colosseum. Master Code T5Q5-3Z14-1PN7X 1XQX-P4JW-BYNKZ XW15-0ED9-7TDK3 U37Y-NRU7-JNQNP QKD7-BBUR-PE574 H92V-PT0G-QAFTZ UZEN-7R25-VD1CJ 3R46-C157-GTX6K M401-KYPD-GXNT5 H92V-PT0G-QAFTZ D3R6-UCX9-FYA60 Infinite Money F34N-YFCE-B5VFF J6BC-FZ51-RZPYN BQ44-7UK5-9DJ16 Infinite Poke Coupons DVFV-6HUU-GT7A3 WYXE-W14D-AXGBA CGVH-9ERC-671ZW IN BATTLE CODES: BEJW-N529-XFTFH Hold L+R… Full Answer