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How could you copy rented DVD movies?

In order to copy rented DVD movies, you should have the following things: a computer with a DVD burner, a DVD copy software and a DVD protection remover. You would copy rented DVD movies by first executing the protection onto… Full Answer

What is a DVD burner?

This is what a DVD Burner is. If you know what a DVD Movie is then this will make you want one. A DVD Burner is where you have movies (movies such as wmp, .mkv e.t.c) on your laptop or… Full Answer

What does DVD multi mean?

DVD multi is a specification that is used for optical media drives. Drives that contain DVD Multi can read and write DVD-R, DVD-RW discs. It can also read DVD-ROM, and DVD video. Full Answer

What is a DVD drive?

A DVD drive is an input device. A DVD or DVD-ROM disc can be read by the DVD drive. A DVD or DVD-ROM is a disc capable of storing large amounts of data on one disc the size of a… Full Answer

Burn a DVD onto laptop?

Burning a DVD on to laptop is just like buring DVD on to a common computer, except your laptop is mac. You just need dowloaded movie or videos on your laptop, a blank DVD disc, and a DVD burner. You… Full Answer