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How do you replace the dash board light on a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

you have to take off the dash board panels. these screws will be over the radio, behind the ashtray, under dashboard over the gauges, and the last set will be on each side of ( Full Answer )
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1992 Isuzu Rodeo Brake and rwal dash lights on?

\nI have a 1991 Isuzu pickup with rwal - there is control box (sender switch) that has to be re-set. I'd take it to the dealer and they can re-set it in a few minutes.\nIt usu ( Full Answer )
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Dash lights all came on 1992 Isuzu trooper?

It is possible that there is a problem with moisture causing ashort circuit if all the dash lights come on. It could also be afaulty relay or alternator.
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How to improve mpg Isuzu npr?

The pedal clicks when it's down all the way, only hit that when you really need the acceleration. I burned a whole tank on it, and got a difference of about 2 MPG. If you l ( Full Answer )
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What transmission is in a 1995 Isuzu npr?

If you have an automatic you probably have a 450-43le transmission. If your tranny goes it it usually cheaper to replace it with a GM TH700-r4 There are adapter kits available ( Full Answer )
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Where are the kingpins on an Isuzu npr-HD?

they are the swivel points on the front axle, which allow the wheels to turn through an arc allowing the vehicle to turn, they are located at each end of the solid beam axle a ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find what the warning lights on the dash indicate?

Answer 1 . The identification and explanation of warning lights is covered in the OWNERS MANUAL that comes with all new vehicles.. IF yours is not available you may be abl ( Full Answer )
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What motor is in a 1994 Isuzu Npr?

A 1994 Isuzu NPR has the 4BD2 engine 4 cylinder turbo. Can also be found (as a Chevy W-4 Tiltmaster; same chassis and a lot of common parts as NPR) with a Chevy 5.7L engine ( Full Answer )
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Transmission 1997 Isuzu npr?

A 1997 NPR Gasoline uses an automatic 4 speed 4L80E General Motors Transmission.. A 1997 NPR Diesel uses a automatic 4 speed JATCO transmission. A 1997 NPR Diesel uses a man ( Full Answer )
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What is the green light in the Isuzu NPR?

The green light in the instrument cluster means that the exhaust brake is on, which is a good thing if you drive mainly in the city. the exhaust brake allows you to elongate t ( Full Answer )
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Where are the Toyota Highlander dash warning lights?

(???) The warning lights are located in/on the dashboard surface and should light up for a few seconds as a system check, when you start the vehicle.
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What is a Isuzu NPR?

The Isuzu NPR is a light duty commercial truck. It is available with a 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine or an 8 cylinder gasoline engine depending on year of the vehicle.
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Isuzu npr signal light relay location?

in my 1997 npr you take the glove bow out and its to the left bolted to a piece of the dash frame.. hope this helped you
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What is the unladend of an 1998 Isuzu npr?

Weights differ somewhat depending on the chassis and body configuration. The quick answer (cited in the owner's manual) is that there is, or should be, a label on the cab ( ( Full Answer )
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What does each warning light on Isuzu NPR mean?

The engine symbol means you should check the engine, the oil symbolmeans that the oil pressure is off, the thermometer means that theengine is overheated, and the battery symb ( Full Answer )
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Wiring diagram for a Isuzu NPR?

A wiring diagram can be found at this website: forthe Isuzu NPR. The diagram can be downloaded as a PDF file.
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How do you reset the oil change light on a isuzu npr?

Set the key to "on" but do not start the car. After that, press andrelease the accelerator three times very quickly. The Change OilSoon light should flash for five seconds.
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What does ASR dash light mean in Isuzu NPR truck?

The ASR dash light is a brake assist system/acceleration slipregulation light. When this light comes on in the Isuzu NPR truck,the on board computer in the vehicle detected a ( Full Answer )
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What is the payload for a Isuzu npr?

for NPR max is 4 tons but i suggest you check PSI of the tires ifyou will load it more than 4 tons or better get a good tires thatcan withstand the load.
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What motor is in a 1998 Isuzu npr?

It depends on if it's a gas or diesel. If its gasoline then the 98 came with a TBI chevy 5.7L 350CID. Later on they went to multi-port fuel injection on the same 5.7L and in 2 ( Full Answer )
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Does 2006 Isuzu npr have governor?

Yes. There'll be the factory settings, which are put in place to protect the engine. Fleets may also govern the truck down (if this is a used truck) by changing the settings i ( Full Answer )
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What is NPR in Isuzu trucks means?

The abbreviation NPR does not stand for anything in particular, in an Isuzu. All it means is that the particular vehicle is part of the N-series from the manufacturer.
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What does NPR means in Isuzu trucks?

NPR is something that is used to show that the specific Isuzu is part of the N-series trucks. It does not have a specific meaning behind the abbreviation.