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Can you explain the dashboard symbols on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Answer . \nOpen your owners manual. Don't have one then get one. You need one very badly, if you do not know what the gages stand for. Sources are Dealer, Salvage Yard, Eb ( Full Answer )
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What do the dashboard symbols on a Chevy Trailblazer mean?

Moved from answer: i want to know what a certain symbol on the bashboard show a wrench with the SUV and some wavey lines behing the SUV.....another sign shows u ( Full Answer )
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What do all the Toyota dashboard Warning lights mean?

If you mean all the warning lights come on at once this usually indacates the alternator is bad. It is either under or over charging (usually under) is a typical Toyota sign o ( Full Answer )
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What does the Toyota symbol mean?

Answer . It's actually made up of three ellipses, representing the heart of the customer, the heart of the product, and the ever expanding technological advancements and op ( Full Answer )
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What does ect pwr mean on the dash of Toyota lucida?

The ECT PWR, is a so called Extra Power feature. When in fact the car does not produce more HP, but rather changes the shift timing. In fact when ECT PWR is on, the shift is d ( Full Answer )
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Where is the starter motor on a Toyota lucida?

You'll find the starter motor for your Toyota Lucida mounted behind the engine oil filler which is accessed by pulling up the yellow seat release and tipping the passenger sea ( Full Answer )
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Where is the fuel filter on Toyota estima lucida?

Fuel filter is changed from under the vehicle. It can clearly be seen to the left of the engine next to the chassis. To get full access for removal two bolts removed from the ( Full Answer )
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What some of the dashboard symbols in your car mean?

All dashboard warning lights and symbols are illustrated and explained in the Owners Manual. See "Related Questions" below for where to find free online versions of 199 ( Full Answer )
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How do you stop your Toyota lucida from smoking?

Replace the PCV valve first if it has one. I recommend buying a good quality PCV that is made of metal. I once replaced the pcv on my 86 Toyota pickup with a Toyota pcv that w ( Full Answer )
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What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols?

There are many meanings to the dashboard lights. The engine meansthat there is an issue with the engine. ABS and brake lights meanthere are issues with those systems. The oil ( Full Answer )
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What do dashboard symbols in a Toyota Corolla mean?

The dashboard symbols on the Toyota Corolla as well as othervehicles are designed to help you know that your car is runningproperly. You will find your engine light, oil gauge ( Full Answer )
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What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols and warning lights on a vw caddy?

There are many different lights and indicators on the dashboard. For example, one will indicate the level of washer fluid in the windshield wipers, one will light up when the ( Full Answer )
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Spanner symbol on citroen saxo dashboard what does it mean?

It is there to remind you that a general service is needed. It is not telling you about any particular problem with the car. this is a service indicator, you set it for the de ( Full Answer )
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What do the symbols on a gmc envoy dashboard mean?

2006 GMC Envoy a symbol appeared and my car would not start. It was a car with a padlock attached. After I sat for a few minutes it turned back over and it drives fine. what ( Full Answer )
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What does ECO light on a Toyota caldina dashboard mean?

The ECO Light on a Toyota Sienna comes on when in light acceleration. It holds the Transmission Shift points longer to give the Sienna better fuel economy. under moderate to h ( Full Answer )
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What does the engine symbol mean on the dashboard?

That is most likely the Check Engine Light. In most usual cases, it's just a faulty sensor you need to replace. Any dealer of your brand of vehicle has code readers for these ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a used Toyota Lucida?

When looking to buy a used Toyota Lucida second hand then it may well be worth the prospective buyer looking in the local news paper or on the internet. There are sites such ( Full Answer )