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What models of medtronic defibrillators have been recalled?

Medtronic Recall list . I found the the list and some more information on this website. it was updated today and yesterday with links to the FDA and other resources. ht ( Full Answer )
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Need Instructions for Delta love Crib Model 4750?

\ni just needed these myself and called Delta Children's Products & they emailed me the instructions. (They were really nice about it, too). Here is the contact info from thei ( Full Answer )
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Is delta sienna 5 in1 convertible crib model 4844 4 on recall?

Not to my knowledge but it should be. The slats are spaced just far enough apart that my son gets hung in the crib all the time and I have to lubricate him and the crib to get ( Full Answer )
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Is there a recall on model 5831?

\nYes. The serpentine belt tensioner can loosen, allowing the belt to fly off the alternator pulley and catch on the trigger, firing all six chambers. Send it in at once.
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How do you return crib that has been recalled?

Go to the place where you bought it. Since they are a distributor for that manufacturer, it's also their job to handle the product during the recall.
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Is delta love crib Duchess model 4925-2N been recalled?

Yes it has! Go to recall=1&co=1&m=&p=80002 and put in your model # and it will ask you for an address and they will send you the repair kit. I ( Full Answer )
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Is there a recall on model 425009x8a Murray mower?

there was a recall before they went bankrupt, it was for leaky fuel tank, when Briggs bought their remaining assets in 2005 they were only liable from that date on
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Why are more than 2.1 million Stork Craft cribs being recalled in the biggest crib recall in US history?

Four babies have died and 31 others have been entrapped or fallen from one of the 2.1 million Stork Craft cribs recalled. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and ( Full Answer )
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Delta Love Baby Crib has this been recalled?

To find the answer to your questions for your particular crib, go to You can then look at pictures of your crib and parts, get instructional videos, a ( Full Answer )
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What should a parent to do when a crib is recalled?

If your child's crib has been recalled you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible (call the phone number they mention or visit the website listed on the recall no ( Full Answer )
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Is the Alpine 4735 Delta Crib recalled?

Yes. Below are all the Delta crib models that have been recalled. You can go to the deltacribrecall website (see the link further down this page) to complete the form for a re ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with the crib that is being recalled the delta love model 4920-1?

If you go to Delta's website you can complete the form and will be sent a retrofit kit. If you no longer use the crib or prefer to replace the crib, it should be destroyed. If ( Full Answer )
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Is there a recall on delta love crib 4929?

All Delta Cribs involved in the recall are listed below: Delta cribs manufactured in Taiwan or Indonesia, with the "Crib Trigger Lock with Safety Peg" drop side hardware desi ( Full Answer )
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Is Delta love millennium crib model 4822 on the recall list?

It is now recalled 2/1/2011. Go here: Enter 4822-2 as the model # Older post: dont believe so. www. del ( Full Answer )
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Is the Delta Millennium Crib model 4860 recalled?

All drop side cribs are recalled. It is also illegal to sell them as of June 2011. You can call Delta at 1-800-377-3777 to get the kit to fix a drop side crib.
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Did any Pali cribs get recalled?

According to a statement on Pali's website:§ion=customer_services&subsection=products_ ( Full Answer )
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Is Evenflo crib model 012614 recalled?

If your crib was manufactured between 2000 and 2004 it is under the recall. You can research the information with this recall at
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Were all drop side cribs recalled?

NO all drop side cribs were not recalled. The new law passed by government is that manufacturers can no longer produce a drop side crib. However, if a consumer has a drop side ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find crib conversion kits to the Jardine lifetime crib model?

I just finally got my full bed put together and it was really easy and looks great! Ok so I called Jardine enterprises and they told me to call Sleepy's and ask for a Universa ( Full Answer )
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Is delta love crib model 4827-4 on the recall list?

I just spoke with the Consumer Product Safety Council and was told that it is not on a recall list nor is it on the ban list for dropside style cribs.
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Is the Delta love crib 4624-1 on the recall list?

Yes the 4624-1 Model has parts that were recalled. You can go to ask or bing and type in Delta Luv 4624-1 Recall and it will give you the sites you need to order replacement p ( Full Answer )
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Is there a recall on Remington model 700 safety?

The Safety recall only includes M700 and M40X made before March 1982 which have a bolt lock system. Contact Remington or a Remington authorized repair center for details. Repa ( Full Answer )
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Is there a recall on delta love crib 4520?

Yes there is. Depending on the year of the model you have as well as what country the crib was manufactured in. Go online and type in Delta Luv crib 4520 recall and it should ( Full Answer )
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What is the recall date for the PT Domusindo Perdana Drop Side Crib?

The first recall of the PT Domusindo Perdana Drop Side Crib occurred on 3/26/2013. In total, fourteen different models, most sold exclusively at JC Penny's, were recalled due ( Full Answer )