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What is chickenpox and how it is cured?

Chicken pox is Herpes Zoster, an airborne contagious virus. There is no cure once you've got it. So get the vaccination. Chicken pox can be extremely serious for pregnant women and can reoccur in adulthood as shingles.

How are virus treated?

They cannot. Your body must fight off a virus by itself. Only diseases can be cured. Though you CAN get a vaccination to prevent a virus BEFORE it starts. A vaccination is really a much weakened form of the virus… Full Answer

What is a live virus vaccine?

A live virus vaccine is one that uses a living virus to confer immunity. Live virus vaccines therefore can be contagious to other people or other parts of the body for a short time after vaccination. Care should be taken… Full Answer

What is a shingles vaccination?

Shingles vaccination is a vaccination that is for preventing the shingles . The vaccination is Zostavax, which is recommended for everyone after the age of 50. But you need to have the chicken poxs to get the shingles.